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Pontins Championships 2002:
Third Section

Third Section

Saturday 26th October
Lunars Bar
Pre Draw
Commence: 2pm
Test Piece: Land of the Mountain and the Flood by Hamish MacCunn,arr. Glyn Bragg
Adjudicators: Gareth Pritchard and Melvin White
Controller: Colin Morrison

Competing Bands:

Audley Brass - K.M. Birch
Mar 2001 Regionals - 3rd
Oct 2001 Pontins - 15th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 12th

Audley Brass are a seasoned outfit who will look to capture their 2001 form. 'St.Austell Suite' didn't come off for them at the Regionals but this piece may well suit them better.

Band of West Mercia Constabulary - H. Gibbs
Mar 2001 Regionals - 3rd (S4)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 4th

Band of the West Mercia Constabulary have seen steady improvement. They were upgraded after a very good 2001 result when the band played very well in the Regionals. They are a controlled outfit and should come well schooled to this contest.

Boarshurst (Greenfield) - J. Webster
Jan 2001 Rochdale - 2nd
Mar 2001 Regionals - 14th
Oct 2001 Pontins - 2nd
Mar 2002 Regionals - 7th
May 2002 Holme Valley Contest - 3rd (SA)
May 2002 Holme Valley Contest - 2nd (SB)
May 2002 Buxton Contest - 4th
Jul 2002 Brighouse March and Hymn Tune Contest - 11th
Jul 2002 French Open - 1st (Division 2)
Oct 2002 North West Open Championships - 1st

Boarshurst are a very competent band and they played a very good band at this contest last year. Results continued to go their way and one can ignore that 11th at Brighouse. A band to be beaten if they play to form.

Bream Silver - N. Howard
Mar 2001 Regionals - 1st
Oct 2001 Pontins - 12th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 10th

Bream Silver played very well in 2001 but things got away from them a little in 2002 despite some good playing at Pontins and the Regionals where results got away form them. They will take the stage with a view to making their presence felt.

City of Chester - D. Mitchell
Mar 2001 Regionals - 7th (S4)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 11th

City of Chester are a band building and having gone through a transitional period are now in the 3rd section looking upward and onward.

Clifton and Lightcliffe - R. Collinson
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Mar 2002 Regionals - 6th
Jul 2002 Brighouse March and Hymn Tune Contest - 15th

Clifton and Lightcliffe are a difficult band to judge as their form has tended to waver somewhat. Mind you what 3rd and 4th Section Band hasn't and their 6th in the Regionals was a good return and this may be a marker.

Dronfield (CMW) - M. Knowles
Mar 2001 Regionals - 9th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 14th

Dronfield (CMW) make a good sound but results haven't favoured them in the Regionals. They under performed at the Regionals and they will be out to ensure that they don't do that in this contest.

Eaton's Farnsworth - P. Ashley
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Nov 2001 Wilkinson (St.Helens) - 3rd
Mar 2002 Regionals - 14th

Eaton's Farnworth have Peter Ashley at the helm and his work is always solid. They are another band that have played regularly in a tough N.W. division and have notched up results like the Wilkinson 3rd place.

Ebbw Vale Town - C. Thomas
Mar 2001 Regionals - 6th
Oct 2001 Centenary West Wales Brass Band Association Contest (N. Seaman) - 1st (S2)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 7th

Ebbw Vale are a good outfit and 2001 was a good season for the band being quite fancied at the Regionals. It didn't come off there but they should be ready for this contest.

Forester's Brass 2000 - TBA
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Mar 2002 Regionals - 7th
May 2002 Buxton Contest - 2nd
Jun 2002 Belvior Castle - 5th

Foresters Brass 2000 must be a fancied band. 2001 was a god season and 2002 saw them score a very good result at Buxton. They didn't pull of the result they wanted in the Regionals but they will be a band to watch in this contest.

Greenalls Brewery - H. Bousfield
Mar 2001 Regionals - 10th (S2)
Oct 2001 Pontins - 22nd (S2)
Nov 2001 Wilkinson (St.Helens) - 5th (S2)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 4th

Greenall's Brewery benefit from players around the stand who have contested regularly in the 2nd Section. Howard Bousfield took the band on this piece at Fleetwood in September finishing 7th where they played this piece at a brisk tempo. A band that could produce the goods on the day.

Greenfield - D. Chapman
Mar 2001 Regionals - 15th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 18th

Greenfield have a safe sound and playing in the N.W. region they have sometimes had results which didn't always reflect some good playing. They could play well if they hold their nerve.

Hebden Bridge (Walkley Clogs) - I. Craddock
Mar 2001 Regionals - 11th
Nov 2001 Wilkinson (St.Helens) - 7th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 1st
Apr 2002 Tameside - 3rd
Sept 2002 National Finals - 11th

Hebden Bridge (Walkley Clogs) were 11th in Torquay having won the Yorkshire Regionals. This is a good band with Ian Craddock controlling them in the middle and they have some very good results under their belt. They should perform very well here.

Lanchester - G. Tindall
Mar 2001 Regionals - 3rd
Feb 2002 Durham County BBA - 3rd
Mar 2002 Regionals - 3rd

Lanchester travel down form the N.E. where they have been in the frame in each of their contests. This contest is an experience they will relish against some very good opposition. It could be testing but most enjoyable for the band.

Maltby Miners Welfare - T. Clifford
Mar 2001 Regionals - 4th (S4)
Oct 2001 Pontins - 11th (S4)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 11th
Apr 2002 Yorkshire and Humberside Contest - 3rd

Maltby Miners Welfare has improved out of sight and they have consolidated their 3rd section status through 2002. It may be a bit early in the season for Maltby as they will also be planning for CISWO but the concentrated contest rehearsals may well be in their favour.

Pontypool Brass - M. Jones
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Oct 2001 Centenary West Wales Brass Band Association Contest (N. Seaman) - 8th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 6th

Pontypool Brass scored a nice result coming 6th in the Regionals and will look to produce that form at this contest. It could go in their favour if they play to that standard at this contest.

Rainford - B.Harper
Mar 2001 Regionals - 11th
Apr 2001 Tameside - 1st
Oct 2001 Fleetwood - 3rd (S2)
Oct 2001 Pontins - 3rd
Feb 2002 Brass at the Guild - 3rd (S2)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 6th

Rainford have gone through a number of changes since the departure of Lynda Nicholson to conduct Besses. 5th place at Fleetwood playing this piece was a good result for a band in transition. but in this tough section it might need just a bit extra to figure.

Syston - R. Boulter
Mar 2001 Regionals - 6th (S4)
Sep 2001 Wychavon Festival of Brass - 3rd (S4)
Sep 2001 Wychavon Festival of Brass - 8th (S3)
Oct 2001 Pontins - 12th (S4)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 6th
Sep 2002 Wychavon Entertainment Contest - 4th

Syston are a strong band on an upward trend. This contest is a tough ask for the band and they will just need to produce playing with that bit extra to gain a place in this company.

Timperley - G. Hetherington
Mar 2001 Regionals - 6th (S4)
Apr 2001 Tameside - 1st (S4)
Oct 2001 Pontins - 8th
Mar 2002 Regionals - 1st (S4)
Sept 2002 National Finals - 4th (S4)

Timperley played well in Torquay in the 4th section and now they meet the 3rd Section but this should not phase the band ready to take the challenge.

United Norwest 2000 Brass - A. Helleur
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Oct 2001 Pontins - 7th
Nov 2001 Manchester District Contest 2001 - 1st
Mar 2002 Regionals - 8th

United Norwest 2002 Brass seem to have been quite a settled and steady outfit who have demonstrated a winning side also finishing in the upper half at both Pontins and Regionals.

Wire Brass - P. Andrews
Mar 2001 Regionals - Non competing
Feb 2002 Brass at the Guild - 1st (S2)
Mar 2002 Regionals - 1st
Sept 2002 National Finals - 2nd

Wire Brass served notice of the ability ever since their formation in 2002. Runners-up in Torquay and prize winners at virtually every contest they have entered they are class outfit. Must be fancied big time at this contest.

4BR prediction

1 Wire Brass
2 Forresters Brass 2000
3 Hebden Bridge (Walkley Clogs)
4 Lanchester
5 Boarshurst (Greenfield) Silver
6 Greenhalls Brewery

Dark Horse Timperley

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