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East Anglia Trombone Day:

Sunday 22nd September 2002
East Anglia Trombone Day
Chesterton Community Centre,

With an free invitation to bring a stand and a trombone the East Anglia Trombone Day promised a massed trombone choir, masterclass, bass trombone solo spot, trombone quartet performance, trade stand, opportunity to play trios accompanied by Soham Comrades Band and also solo performances.

Paul Filby, East Anglia Representative for the BTS told 4BR that it was a great day with about 30-40 trombonists visiting.

Starting with a massed choir directed by Tony Parsons, who is the editor of “The Trombonists” and also ex BBC Symphony Principal Trombonist the numbers rehearsed included, ‘Trombones to the Fore’, ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Rainy Day’, ‘Fanfare for Trombones’.

Following a Bass Trombone recital by Jon Warburton where he played three fairly new pieces for Bass Trombone and piano, Chris Houlding, the BTS President, directed a master class with two younger players that was both
helpful and entertaining to all.

Nine volunteers stepped forward to rehearse three "classic" trombone trios, which were later performed with accompaniment provided by the Soham Comrades Band, directed by Paul himself. These were ‘Bold Gendarmes’, ‘Trombola’ and ‘Frolic for Trombones’.

The trombone quartet "Vagabones" - David Read (Travelsphere) Neil George, Sarah Minchin and David Minchin (all Soham players) - played for about 20 minutes, including a performance of ‘William Tell’. The day continued with Chris Houlding gaving a short recital again accompanied by the band in which he played Arthur Pryor's ‘The Fantastic Polka’, in his own arrangement.

In conclusion the Massed Choir reformed, the trombonists and Soham Comrades Band played together as described - 33 trombones and a brass band, quite a sound !

And so the end of an excellent day, supported by “The Valve” who had a stand in the main hall and it was marvellous having a full brass band on hand to help out.

The atmosphere of the day was just right, plenty of talking, meetings and rehearsals and everyone left with sounds ringing in their ears .The local press said in its headline covering the event (and published a photograph of three of the younger players with Tony Parsons) "Trombonists get wind of great day in East Anglia"

The next East Anglian event is scheduled for March 2003.

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