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The Lower Section National Finals 2002

Adjudicators Comments
First Section Prize Winners

First Place: Staffordshire Band

Impressive opening. Excellent detail at 2. Baases are neat at A. This is convincing playing. Assured euph solo! Great support from your bass section. 3 - Fine cornet playing here - so much detail. Great sop playing!

4 - A touch uneasy here at first. Some intonation lapses are observed ie, around 306.

Delightful playing in 5 - especially your solo cornet. So well shaped! 6 - Tastefully played despite the occasional glitch. Your basses give such good support. Same goes for percussion. Real power play from 7 - yet so articulate.

Great stuff! You appear to be strong in all sections and well directed!! Congratulations.

Goff Richards

1 and 2 - Excellent dynamic contrasts - catching the character of each texture and musical intention - declamatory, fizzing, rhythmically driven - Euph solo 109 - excellent reading of the shape - great low notes also.

3 - Fugue - real combat - technically easy and a well balanced web of textures - roasting!

4 - Inventions - Flugel solo takes centre stage, not perfect tuning sadly - and some individual slips - best intonation in full band with mutes - however - the cornet soloist is first class - with splendid range and no sense of strain - a joy to hear at 11.30 at night!

5. Fugue 2 - odd slips in a fine reading - I - some balance problems between sop (mute) and flugel - but from V this is back to its former excellence - trombones esp.

A really fine reading - some small things in the central sections - but a performance of real distinction. Thank You.

Philip Wilby
193 points

Second Place: Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda

Good start but rhythms not quite accurate (trom motif). Cultured playing from B - Neat articulate basses around 90. Very good euph solo - so detailed. Excellent cornet lines in 3 - but do watch balance. Fine soprano here. Occasional glitches do appear - but not to detract from an exciting performance so far. 4 - Excellent flugel solo. But there are intonation lapses from within the band and some lack of momentum! "Moody" solo cornet just the right style. Delightful solo at 5 Well done!

You slightly abuse the marked dynamics in G are paying dividends in terms of sound qualities. Excellent direction here.

Solid bass trombone solo. Such style. Fine percussion! Some looseness around A1. But then a splendid conclusion.

As you will see from my comments - this really impressed! Congratulations!. Well directed.

Goff Richards.

1 and 2. Trombones - strong musical impulse - take care of "sharp" rhythm. Turbulence - plenty of contrasts here and a strong forward drive - some excellent pianissiomo playing - some minor slips at 96 but a fine euph solo at 109 and good band textures in the subsequent crescendo.

3 - Fugue. Mature approach - neat and accurate rather than wild and a good build to a ringing ending.

4. Inventions - Good reading - many layers of sound - and well led by the flugel - slight tuning problems in 289 - 298 - better at Q

5. Cantileva - A really classy soloist - plenty of capacity to sustain this very long phrase

6. Fugue 2 - Splendid use of balance - receding masterfully when not in profile - Great accel and cresc - strong solos - (bass trom and friend?) but well disciplined reading - and a spectacular Finale - Bravo!

Philip Wilby
192 points

Third Place: St. Austell

Maybe more ff in intro? I'm seeking articulate slurs. 2 - just lacked some precision and clarity. Nice flugel in B. Good percusssion. Occasional glitch ie, bar before E. Secure euph solo - maybe more pomposo though. Super dynamic contrast. Tidy rhythmic work from L - generally!. An effective start if only lacking some consistency.

4 - Excellent flugel here - really secure and tasteful. Accompaniment and subsidiary flugel all well played. This is exquisite playing. Unlucky start from solo cornet at 312

5 - Some minor glitches in opening. Wll done solo cornet - most expressive. 6 - Some insecurity sets in - certainly up to T. Well controlled playing. Confident b from solo. Some minor balance and detail lapses from 466 - Super conclusion.

A fine performance, with a special mention to your flugel and solo cornet players. I loved the expressive playing in the slower sections and the control elsewhere.

Goff Richards

1 - Well done trombones - take care not to pulse the beats on long notes. 2 - Cornet "web" - convincing style and big style. B - good flugel and solo horn - nicely melodic. 79 - good texture with sop/ basses - 109 - very good euph solo with plenty of sound in reserve. H - Fugue - good control in the build up - well done director.

3 - Fugue - Neat playing in cornets - xylo is very difficult here, but need not be overprojected - excellent basses around here - well done.

4 - Inventions - Excellent texture - super flugel - and good bleak atmosphere - good tuning in muted parts - a natural understanding of this passage.

5 - Cantileva - The heart of the piece - and it grows naturally out of the absence of music beforehand - good solos - all (?) of them.

6 - Fugue 2 - starts well becomes less secure, recovers well - and V - Finale is excellent. Good troms throughout (bass esp)

Generally a fine performance - excellent direction - some problems with the section 4/6 - but something to be proud of - Thank You

Philip Wilby
190 points

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