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The Lower Section National Finals 2002

Adjudicators Comments
Fourth Section Prize Winners

First Place: St. Dennis

1. Some very controlled playing - nice shapes in the semi quavers and careful dynamics. So much space for things to happen. Bit uncertain in the poco ritard. Nice balance at 5 and real brillante from cornets/troms - Big rall to movement 2

2. Nearly works - cornets cresc just too much - Euph could come through more easily. 7 nice balance and build to f. Pizz nearly good - nice shapes from 8. Nice warmth at poco f and control of poco rit. Nice horn link - good sost and excellent pp - so much control. 10 - Nice detail - just last note not together.

3. So much control and detail again. 14 - Nice balance and detail. Glock - brilliant! Good oushes to ff. 18 - Nice cross rhythms. Great build to ff nice allarg. Meno Mosso sounds so right. Nice effect to 23 - and a dim from mp. A Tempo p please.

Very Good performance.

Melvin White

A safe opening - 1 soloists nice - the music flows nicely. 2 - Fine. Good precise sound. 3 - all goes well. 4 - link nearly comes off. Baritones/Euphs fine. 5 - semis link nicely. Sop secure to Andante. Cornets a shade heavy for pp - euph solo comes over nicely. Flugelsafe. 7 - good general sound. Nice control from basses. 8 - cornet shapely. This is nicely shaped - good balance - musicality - soloists come through nicely - good semi link to 9 - controlled tutti. This is controlled playing. 10 - good balance cornets - flugel/sop secure. ends well - A nicely played movement.

2/4 neat rhythm to open. 11 - ensemble is tight - this is controlled playing - dynamics well observed. Percussion effective. 13 - all goes well. 14 - nicely done. 17 - fine rhythm. 19 - well done. 21 - nicely articulated. Meno mosso good sound - balance. This is nice playing. 23 - lovely playing. 2/4 neat rhythm. Ending was well managed.

This was a well rehearsed performance. Deatil well observed. Pleasing throughout!! Thank You.

Denis Wilby
180 points

Second Place: Wardle and District Anderson Brass

1. Lots of detail, grace and charm in the semis (listen to the high G's) Nice big band sounds - nice poco rit. Poco ritard - nicely done. Minor slips before 5 - Glock comes through well. A robust performance and nice link to movt 2

2. Nice approach - good soloists and accomp just a little uncertain. Nice trombones playing full f. A tempo nearly convincing. 8 - Nice shapes - more poco rit to a tempo. Horn could come through more easiliy (cornets too loud) 9 - Just a lack of casr spoils pp 'quavers. 10 - Lovely touches not quite together to finish. Attacca please!

3. Generally well detailed. 14 - More trombone to balance please. Full band sounds are so good. 19 - Some very good sounds. Good band playing. Cresc right to 23 please, then poco works. Timp not quite together with horns but a very good standard of performance.

Melvin White

A fine opening - nice detail. 1 - soloists are well played. 2 - good ensemble. Semis come over in style. 3 - semis neatly placed. The shape is well played. 5 - all goes well. Small sop clip links to Andante. Cornet balance fine - flug secure. Trom shapely. This is nicely played. 7 - still all goes well. The music has a nice flow. Horn almost "lost" in heavy accomp (a tempo). Culd make more of poco pui lento. 10 - nicely balanced. Final chords not just together. 2/4 a neat opening - rhythm is nicely done - precise ensemble. 12 - good level of sound. 14 - neat. 16 - can hear all the rhythms. 18 - a fine tight rhythm. 21 - more cresc to ff mf cresc. 22 - good sound. Meno mosso. Nice sound - all goes well - good band sound neat ensemble - 26 bell effect comes over in style.

This is fine playing. A well rehearsed band. Three nicely shaped movements.

Denis Wilby
178 points

Third Place: Hayle Town

1. Careful opening - soloists display nice shape (flugel? intonation) Dynamics noted (was ff build up too big?) One or two minor problems but nice shapes and cresc and dims show well

2. Nice euph (cornets a shade too loud?) Flugel more warmth please but quite safe. Some really nice shapes here - a degree of tenderness and simplicity. Really nice cornet and lovely changeover - only poco f. A tempo - nice touches - semis not quite together to 9. Rit nice touches. Dim could be made to 10. But nice touches. Good movement.

3. Good start - (horn intonation low D!) A degree of stability although your desire to have fun causes some problems with semi quavers. Nice allargando. Good band sound. MP dim could be more noticable.

Overall a very good performance.

Melvin White

A measured opening - entries come over nicely. 7 - stylish soloists. 2 - Nicely done. 3 - good sound - measured semis. All goes well. 4 - sop confident. Baritines not just "nice" 5 - nice semis. Ensemble work is fine - controlled. Fine ending. A controlled opening - lovely euph - flugel. Trom trio has shape. 7 - this is fine playing. 8 - cornet has a lovly shape - bravo!! This is well shaped - fine playing - just a shade loose in semi link. rit well shaped - a tempo is well done - 10 - Blanced cornets - confident sop - flug - the ending was nicely shaped. 2/4 a well managed opening - you place the semis nicely. I can hear all the entries - percussion some nice touches. 14 - controlled. 15 - confident troms. 19 - this is a fine band sound. 22 - lovly sound. Meno mosso. Controlled - the music has space. 23 - fine sound - nicely done cresc and dim. 2/4 you can cope with this increase in tempo. 26 - impressive.

Good soloists in this band - good sound - I likes it - a lot!! Thanks.

Denis Wilby
177 points.

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