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Registry Rules Changes

New rules come into force this month from the British Brass Band Registry. We've printed them in full for everyone to have a look at and understand.

Make sure your band secretary reads this - it will stop any problems come contest day........ (hopefully)

Many thanks to Colin Johnson at the Registry for taking the time to prepare the information for us. Here he gives us details of the changes, the reasons why, the benefits, how the changes are implemented and the procedures to follow.

Read on..........

The Boosey & Hawkes National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Rules have been amended in line with the Registry proposal and the result of the 2001 Rules referendum. A letter will be sent to all bands within the next few days, giving detailed guidelines to the change, which is effective from 01.08.2002.


The objectives of the rule change are:

1. To eliminate contradictions between Contest Rules and Registry Rules;

2. To eradicate registration related penalties at contests;

3. To achieve a more streamlined method easier for players secretaries & the Registry;

We intend to achieve these objectives by:

· Correct information acquisition and representation.
· Removal of Contest Signature Sheets.
· Removal of the four-week deadline for receipt of new (unregistered) player applications.

Some of the problems associated with Contest Signature Sheets

Manually completed Contest Signature Sheets are often inaccurate. At best, the information is merely a duplication of Registry information, and worse could be hazardously inaccurate and the Contest Rules have no scope for human error.

Registration details are needed by band secretaries for duplication onto the sheet before they become available from the Registry, causing much frustration for Secretaries and Registry alike. The Registry is a much more convenient and accurate source from which to acquire this information; therefore these procedures are to be upgraded.

Problems with the four week rule

The four-week deadline for new player applications was for contest administration purposes only. It is a registration restriction within the Contest Rules that is non-existent within Registry Rules. It is the source of much confusion, and is unnecessarily restrictive to bands. Legitimate bona fide registered players are sometimes prohibited from participation therefore this rule has been removed. Procedural changes will mean that all participants will be in possession of documented proof of registration at the contest registration point.

In conclusion this proposal will mean that in respect of registrations, the Contest and Registry Rules are exactly the same. Bands will no longer be in danger of missing names from sheets or including invalid details. They will no longer be required to go through the laborious duplication of information, and will not need to keep chasing the Registry for player details six weeks before the contest. All registered players will be eligible to compete; no player will be prohibited merely because their new player application missed the four-week contest administration deadline.

Colin Johnson
Registry and Office Manager



1) Rule 7 should be replaced by the following;


a) All players taking part in the Contest must be registered with the Registry, and players may compete only with the band that they are registered with. It is the responsibility of the band Secretary to apply to the Registry for the necessary registration documents and to comply with registration Rules and procedures.

I) New Player Registrations - new player registration applications should be received by the Registry no later than THREE DAYS before the date of the event. The effective date of the registration must be on or prior to the date of the event.

II) Player transfers - applications for player transfers must be received by the Registry no later than FOUR WEEKS before the date of the event. The effective date of the transfer must be on or prior to the date of the event.

b) Registration reports will be issued to each band and the relevant Contest Controller approximately TWO WEEKS before the date of the event.

c) Registration Report deadline - In order to achieve automatic inclusion into the Registration report, new player applications should be received by the Registry no later than FOUR WEEKS prior to the date of the event.

d) Late registrations - New player applications that arrive after the Report deadline may not be included in the report. Each of these players must complete an official Registration Verification Form obtainable from the Registry, and present this with their registration card (if available) at the Contest registration point.

2) RULE 15

Should be amended to state;

When the contest entry deadline has been reached, the Regional Secretary shall send to the Registry a full list of entrants.

3) RULE 18

Should be amended to state;

a) Bands must assemble at the registration point as directed in the Contest Schedule.

b) Each player must present his registration card or official registration verification form for endorsement

c) Remains the same)

d) The Contest Management will refer any suspected breach of Registry Rules to the Registry Management. The Registry will investigate the allegations, and decide if a breach of Registry Rules has occurred, and will then inform the Contest Management of its decision. The Registry's decision shall be final.


1) The National Rules and the Registry Rules differ in relation to registration requirements; this results in confusion for all concerned.

2) The procedures currently used to verify registration are flawed. Sole reliance upon a 'Contest Signature Sheet' completed by band Secretaries unverified by the principal instrument of control is inaccurate. The new system of a combination of registration card (to identify the individual), and Registry Report (to identify the band content) are the correct components of the band entity as a whole, and is a much more rigorous method of control.

3) Some registered 'bona fide' players are currently not permitted to participate in the contest.

4) The current procedures for the submission of registration details causes unnecessary pressure and worry for band Secretaries. It disrupts the normal registration process and places impossible demands upon the Registry. Registration details are only available a minimum of fourteen days after application, the registration deadline for the contest is four weeks before the date of the event. The contest Signature Sheet however, has to be submitted by bands no later than four weeks before the contest, consequently registration details are not available at that time.


1) National and Registry Rules will operate in parallel. This will eradicate confusion.

2) Contests will be in possession of all necessary registration information. This will iliminate the prospect of retrospective action.

3) All participating players will have registration documents (registration card or verification form).

4) Bands will be able to compete at full strength (all bona fide registered players may participate).

5) The Registry will be able to process applications in the normal sensible fashion.

6) The contest will have a much more rigorous method of control.

7) Correct communication and provision of information will be achieved between the contest and the principal instrument of control.


Part One to be completed by the band official.

BAND NAME ………………………………………………………………………….

I, the undersigned authorised Official acting on behalf of the above band hereby declare that a new player registration has been submitted in accordance with Registry Rules for player named below.

I declare that the Registry has verified receipt and validity of the application.

I declare that the attached photograph is a true likeness of the above named player.

BAND OFFICIAL ………………………………………………………………………

Signed …………………………………………………………………………………..

Part Two to be completed by the player

I the undersigned, declare that I am not registered with any other band, and I have not competed with any other band in this series of National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Contests.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge, a valid new player registration application has been submitted to the Registry on my behalf by the above named band official.

I understand that completion of this form verifies my bona-fide registered status with the above band, and I undertake not to register with any other band until my registration with this band has been officially cancelled, or through the official transfer procedure.



Photograph of Player:

National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Rules

A practical guide to the new procedures

Player transfers.

Players currently in the system remain unaffected. Transfer of players between bands, become effective FOUR WEEKS after receipt at the Registry, and therefore must be received by the Registry no later than FOUR WEEKS before the contest.

New players.

The deadline for receipt at the Registry of applications for new players currently UNREGISTERED will be reduced from the current FOUR WEEKS to THREE DAYS before the contest. This offers bands a safety net, and every possible opportunity to cover emergencies.


Registration Reports.

'Contest Signature Sheets' will be replaced by Registration Reports, issued to bands and contests directly from the Registry. The reports will contain details of all registered players, and details of all transfers in the system.

The 'cut off' date for inclusion in the report will be four weeks before the contest, all valid applications received by the Registry up to the cut off date will automatically be included in the report. The Reports will be issued to the Contest Controller as soon as all applications have been processed (approximately two weeks before the contest).

Each band will receive from the Registry, a copy of their Registration Report. The Contest Secretary should check the Report and report any anomalies to the Registry, where they will be rectified and the Contest Controller informed of any amendment prior to the contest.

Registration Verification Forms.

The purpose of this form is to provide to the contest controller documentary proof of registration for all NEW registrations received at the Registry after the FOUR WEEK report deadline.

These forms will be provided to each band by the Registry, and must be completed for any late registration applications received at the Registry after the report cut off date and up to three days before the contest.

In order to complete the Verification form, Secretaries must previously have submitted a valid New Player Application Form to the Registry. The Secretary must contact the Registry in order to receive the verification notification reference number.

A current photograph of the player must be affixed to the form.

At the Contest registration point, each of these players must present their completed verification form verified by the Registry.

All verification forms will be retained by the Contest Controller, and sent to the Registry for examination. The Registry will check each verification form and photograph against the original application and Registry verification confirmation records.


a) Submit a valid new player application.

b) Contact Registry to confirm receipt, and ask for verification record number.

c) Complete the Registration Verification Form.

d) Attach a current photograph.

e) Present verification form to contest registration point.


a) Check that the verification form is complete.
b) Check that the photograph is a likeness of the participant.
c) Retain Verification Form.
d) Send all verification Forms to Registry after contest.


YES VOTES 313 (96%)
NO VOTES 14 (4%)

YES VOTES 31 (91%)
NO VOTES 3 (9%)

YES VOTES 344 (95%)
NO VOTES 17 (5%)

It is worth noting that 6 of the no votes are derived from only 3 individuals who each cast 2 votes each so only 13 individuals voted against.



Further details of the changes can be found at the Reistry website itself on www.bbbr.co.uk

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