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National Finals 2002:
National Finals to host “Jubilee Celebration”

For further details contact Kapitol Promotions Ltd:
T: 02920 704325 or 07786 371603
E: morrisbrass@btopenworld.com

Following on from the undoubted success of the “Epic Brass” concert that was held at the Royal Albert Hall at the conclusion of last years National Championship Finals, news has been released by the organisers, Kapitol Promotions Ltd, that another concert, entitled “Jubilee Brass” will be held this year as well.

The concert will take place after the conclusion of the National Finals on the 19th October and will feature the Black Dyke Band under the direction of Nicholas Childs, The International Staff Band of the Salvation Army and the Don Lusher Big Band, who will feature the talented jazz and session trumpet player Tony Fisher.

4BarsRest covered last years concert, and we were mighty impressed by the efforts of the organisers and the standard of playing from the featured artists in a concert that just about had something for everyone. The return of Black Dyke and the ISB should ensure the “Full House” signs are once again put up outside the Hall, whilst the inclusion of the Don Lusher Big Band is one of the most welcome returns to the banding world for many a year.

Don Lusher has been a revered figure in and around banding circles ever since he made such an amazing impact at the Royal Albert Hall itself way back in the early 1970’s and his legacy and style remains to this day, with players such as Nick Hudson of Williams Fairey and John Barber of Fodens members of the new breed of trombone players who have performed his famous “Rhapsody for Trombone” written especially for him by Gordon Langford and performed for the first time at the Albert Hall over a quarter of a century ago!

Announcing the event to 4BR, Kapitol Promotions Marketing Director, Niki Bland told us, “The original Epic Brass was a sparkling success and showed what could be done with imagination allied superb support and sponsorship from SP&S Ltd. We have been inundated with scores of people asking if and when such an event was going to be put on again, and so we are delighted to announce that the stage is set for another great night’s entertainment.”

SP&S are also delighted to be involved again and Trevor Caffull, it’s Sales and Marketing Manager was keen to point this out. “It was clear from the overwhelming audience response that Epic Brass was a great success. Subsequent comment in the form of press coverage, telephone calls and letters from people who were there on the night served to underline what a truly memorable occasion we had all been involved in.”

Last year’s event was something of a multi media occasion too with the welcome use of high resolution screens high above the auditorium that projected images to illuminate both the introductions of the participants, but also to provide the audience (many of whom were from the Salvation fraternity) with the opportunity to read the Salvationist texts that provided the inspiration behind the magnificent music performed by the ISB. The organisers have promised that this will be used again as it proved a popular addition to the presentation of the evening and gave many people the change to “sing along” ala Karaoke style as well.

An enthusiastic Black Dyke are geared up for the night and will also be hoping to display the National Championship trophy as they did so memorably last year after winning it after a six year gap. Nicholas Childs commented, “We have an imaginative programme and the prospect of using the interactive media throughout our performance brings a new dimension to any concert.” All eyes will surely be on the band from Queensbury as they surely will be on Don Lusher.

The great man commented that he too is thrilled to have the opportunity to play to a packed house at the Royal Albert Hall once more – 27 years since he last performed there in the Gala Concert in 1975. “I can’t believe it” he said. “I was brought up in the Salvation Army and have been associated with brass bands all my life, so to be on the stage as both Black Dyke and the International Staff Band is a wonderful honour.”

For further details contact Kapitol Promotions Ltd:

direct on 02920 704325 or 07786 371603
email on morrisbrass@btopen world.com

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