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Post Match Analysis:
West of England Regional Championships 2002

Second Section:
The Colston Hall, Bristol
Saturday 6th April
Adjudicator: Michael Fowles
Commences: 10.00am


1. Torbay Brass (C. Waller): 4 191
2. Bendix Kingswood (K. White): 13 189
3. Gillingham Imperial Silver (G. Lewis): 15 188
4. Chalford (S. Tubb): 16 187
5. Lanner and District Silver (S. Chappel): 3 186
6. Lympstone South West Telecoms (C. Fleming): 5 185
7. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (G. Greenstock): 8 184
8. City of Winchester Brass (Major Chris Davies): 11 183
9. St. Pinnock (M. Medin): 12 182
10. Launceston Town (tba): 14 181
11. South Molton Town (Lt. Col. C. Ross): 1 180
12. Bath Spa (D. Walker): 6 179
13. Corsham (Mike Knapton): 2 178
14. Bugle Silver (D. Pope): 9 177
15. Jersey Premier Brass (T. Pritchard): 7 176
16. Wincanton Silver (D. Shead): 10 175

Top two qualify

It appears that Michael Fowles is not a man to be rushed when it comes to making important decisions; and he certainly kept the eager Championship audience waiting as he took the welcome decision to look over his notes a few times to ensure that he was satisfied that he had placed not only the top bands, but those further down the listings in the right places. Whether everyone agreed with him is a moot point, but it is nice to see a judge taking the time to ensure that he is 100% certain in his own minds eye to the validity of his decision making process.

He also made a very neat and tidy summation of the piece and its problems and he stated that all MD’s had taken a sensible approach to the tempos, and that the music itself was in essence chamber music for brass, in which he felt that it was a prerequisite for him that bands made the music “sing”. Those at the top end he felt sorted themselves out without too much of a problem, but below them, it was a bit more difficult – hence the time spent waiting. The difference between the band that came third and the one that came second was slight and was decided on the “slip rate”.

With that all taken into account it was Torbay Brass that won the day off the number 4 spot with a performance that was never really challenged until Bendix Kingswood (who we tipped for the top place in our pre match analysis) took the stage at number 13. Both gave fine renditions of the piece, with Torbay a short head above their rivals, but both will travel to the Finals in with a very good chance of doing very well.

Just below them in third spot came a slightly disappointed Gillingham Imperial Silver, who will be kicking themselves a little for the little slips and blips that cost them a weekend in Torquay, whilst 4th placed Chalford (who we tipped for the second spot in the pre match run through) followed them on stage and also gave a fine solid account of themselves and the piece, that just couldn’t quite rise enough to challenge any higher.

Lanner and District came a decent and well deserved 5th (one below what we tipped), whilst Lympstone South West Telecoms took the final spot to be announced from the stage in 6th. These bands played immediately before and after the eventual winners and it proved a worthwhile trio of performances that really did highlight the slight, but telling differences between the bands that miss out and the band that had the class to win.

Below this it was the usual tale of too many slips, lack of detail and over blowing that cost Phoenix, City of Winchester, St. Pinnock and Launceston Town their chances and they had to be content with being placed 7th to 10th, whilst those below this had even more of the above problems, only with tuning discrepancies to add on, and subtract from their points totals. Thus, South Molton, Bath Spa, Corsham and Bugle found that they filled the bottom third rather than top third of the prize list. Finally, Jersey Premier and Wincanton Silver held up the field, and without too many complaints. Better luck next time around we hope.

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