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West of England Regional Championships 2002

4BR trawl many past results to bring you this preview and therefore we occasionally make mistakes. If you do spot one, then please email us the correct information and we'll amend the article as soon as possible.

Fourth Section:
The Students Union, Bristol
Saturday 6th April
Adjudicator: Barry Thompson
Commences: 12.00am

Competing Bands:
Bideford Town (T. Lisett), Bratton Silver (V. Beer), Bude Town (C. Gay), Camborne “B” (A. Pope), Chalford Training (D. Witts), Downton (R. Wright), Drybrook and District Silver (D. Ventura), Hatherleigh Silver (A. Edwards), Hayle Town (D. Johnston), Midsomer Norton and Radstock (A. Lowe), New Forest Brass (J. Floyd), Okehampton Excelsior (R. Beardon), Pendennis Brass (Falmouth) (G. Thomas), Pillowell Silver (C. Lewis), Porthleven Town (F. Evans), Sandleheath (D. Marlow), Shanklin Town Brass (M. Lewis), Shrewton Silver (M. Dunford), Sidmouth Town (A. Harvey), St. Dennis (B. Minear), Watchet Royal British Legion (D. Tilling), Wemouth Concert Brass (A. Davies), Wilton and District (D. Chalk).

The Fourth Section is going to be a real bag of tricks to predict, what with 23 bands all about the same standard and no real form as such to go on. This is real “Close your eyes and stick a pin in it” for us and we freely admit we haven’t got much of a clue who will come out on top. It’s over to you Mr Thompson.

Bideford last appeared in 1999 when they came 16th, so we don’t know much about their current form, whilst Bratton Silver were relegated from Third Section in 1999 after they came 13th, but in the last two years they have come 14th and 10th, so they will be hoping that their rise continues this time out.

Bude Town and Camborne “B” are a bit of a complete mystery to use as we don’t have any record of them competing here for the last three years and no current form through 2001, so we wish them all the best. Meanwhile Chalford Training have been improving and came 26th in 2000 and 20th last year, so lets hope they continue on the upward path, whilst Downton came 20th in 2000 and 21st last year. They too will be hoping to get higher up the prize list.

Drybrook and District didn’t compete last year, but came 24th in 1999 and 12th in 2000, whilst Hatherleigh Silver were 11th last year. They were 18th in 2000 and 6th back in 1999 and during 2001 they came 2nd at Torquay and won at Weston, so they could well be in with a good shout. Hayle Town have also a win under their belt, with victory at the Hall for Cornwall contest, and they came 9th here last year.

Midsomer Norton and Radstock have improved during the past three years and came 22nd in 1999, 23rd in 200 and 17th last year, whilst New Forest Brass didn’t compete last year after dropping through the sections somewhat from 1998 when they came 16th in the second section, followed by 19th and relegation and then 15th in the Third in 2000. Okehampton Excelsior, are another mystery band for us as we have no record for them, so hope things go well, whilst Pendennis Brass came 3rd last year and went on to come 12th at the National Finals at Preston. That 3rd followed them being relegated from the Third Section in 2000 after they had come 16th in the two years previous.

Pillowell Silver came 16th last year and they were relegated. Placings at the Areas in recent years are 15th in 1999, 7th in 2000 and 16th in 2001, so it will be interesting to see how they do. Porthleven Town were 12th last year, didn’t compete in 2000 and 15th in 1999, whilst Sandleheath make their debut here after coming 3rd at the Wessex contest.

Shanklin Town are another band whom haven’t been to the contest for a while at least, but can boast coming 9th at Folkestone and 2nd at Wessex in the Third Section, whilst Shrewton Silver came 7th last year after coming 4th in 2000 and 25th in 1999. They also came 8th at Pontins and 3rd at Wessex during 2001.

Sidmouth have been consistent midfielders, with them coming 15th in 1999, 16th in 2000 and 13th last year, whilst St. Dennis are one of the most famous names in Cornish banding, and one that has seen their name mentioned off the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in the top section in 1978, when they came 6th. They were runners up last year and went on to come runners up at the National Finals as well as winning at Bugle, Hall for Cornwall and Torquay. They will be one of the favourites this time then.

We know nothing we are afraid about either Watchet RBL and Wemouth Concert Brass, whilst Wilton and District came 16th last year after coming 27th no less in 1999 and 21st in 2000. Lets hope all three do well.

2001 Result:

Saltash Town
St. Dennis
Pendennis Brass
Tewkesbury Town
Ringwood and Burley
Chard Concert Brass

4BR Prediction:

St. Dennis
Hatherleigh Silver
Pendennis Brass
Shrewton Silver
Shanklin Town

Dark Horse: Hayle Town

The Champions:

2001: Saltash Town
2000: St. Breward
1999: Lympstone South West Telecoms
1998: Test Valley Brass
1997: Lympstone South West Telecoms

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