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Post Match Analysis:
North of England Regional Championships 2002

Fourth Section:
The Dolphin Centre
Sunday 17th March
Adjudicator: Roy Roe
Commences: 10.00am


1. Hetton Silver (K. Wheatley): 1 180
2. Kirby Lonsdale (A. Greenwood): 13 178
3. Stape Silver (M. Breckon): 5 177
4. Sacriston Colliery (R. Wallace): 2 175
5. Trimdon Concert (G. Vardy): 4 174
6. Aycliffe and Brancepeth (M. Priestly): 3 173
7. Five Rivers Brass (A. Griffiths): 12 172
8. Askam Town (D. Henley): 6 171
9. Dunston Silver (A. Seymour): 14 170
10. Barnetby Silver (J. Havercroft): 7 169
11. Marske Brass (A. Prest): 11 168
12. Burneside Brass (R. Lincoln): 8 167
13. Ulverston Town (J. Blenkarn): 10 166
14. Durham Constabulary (P. Cuff): 9 165

Withdrawn: Ebor Brass

Top two bands qualify

Adjudicator, Roy Roe certainly said he enjoyed himself with the standard and number of bands on show in the fourth Section, and he had little problem sorting out he prize list, as the contest itself fell neatly into two main sections: those who could play the notes, and those who could play the notes and add the music.

Hetton Silver were the clear winners with Kirkby Lonsdale claiming the other qualification spot on offer. Both gave very competent technical performances that also had the added benefit of a very musical approach, especially in the middle section of the Gordon Jacob work. Hetton were are dark horses in our preview, whilst we thought Kirkby would come home 3rd, so both played above themselves (in our eyes) on this occasion. Both however will be strong contenders when they get down to Torquay later in the year.

Behind them came the four other bands that for us made up the top half of the contest in musical terms, with Stape Silver coming a very close third and just missing out on the qualification trip, followed by Sacriston Colliery, Trimdon Concert and Aycliffe and Brancepeth. All put in good quality solid shows that fully met the technical challenges of the music and gave them time to show off their musical skills to varying degrees of success. All should be pleased by the way they played, and even though there could have been a slightly different result in some eyes, there wasn’t much to choose between them all.

The bottom half of the contest result sheet was filled by those bands who really had a good try at the set test without really ever managing to conquer the technical challenges.

Our tip or the top in the preview, Five Rivers Brass headed the table with 7th place and were followed by Askam Town in 8th, which was one place down from last year and Dunston Silver who came 9th on their first outing in the section.

10th spot went to Barnetby, who improved a place from 2001 and 11th went to one of our pre match favourites, Marske Brass who fell away further following their relegation from the third section. The last two places were taken by Ulverston Town who dropped from 9th to 13th and finally Durham Constabulary, who we tipped for a 5th place in our preview, only for them to come home last. Sorry officers.

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