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Post Match Analysis:
North of England Regional Championships 2002

Third Section:
The Dolphin Centre
Sunday 17th March
Adjudicator: David Horsfield
Commences: 2.00pm approx


1. Houghton Brass (T. Gibson): 1 181
2. Ellington Colliery (D. Wright): 2 179
3. Lanchester (G. Tindall): 4 178
4. Murton Colliery (P. Rosier): 3 177
5. Wansbeck Ashington Colliery (tba): 9 176
6. Bearpark and Esh Colliery (D. Oxlee): 10 175
7. Dearham (tba): 8 174
8. Barrow Concert (tba): 5 173
9. Swinton and District Excelsior (R. Rutter): 6 171
10. Billingham Silver (V. Evans): 7 170

Top two bands qualify

David Horsfield was the adjudicator for the third section, and he too had little problem in choosing the winners, with Houghton Brass (who we tipped to come home 4th) heading the field with a very competent and solid showing on the set work by Kenneth Downie.

Their two point winning margin was fully deserved and showed that since the improvement they have shown year on year at the contest has continued. They were 5th in 2000, 4th last year and now winners, and they will be strong contenders come Torquay in the late Autumn.

They will joined there by Ellington Colliery, who played to form (although we did tip them to win in the preview) and came home a very strong second. They are another band that has done well over the past few years, coming 6th in 2000 and 5th last year, so they are certainly heading in the right direction, and will approach the Finals with confidence sky high.

Just missing out on the trip was Lanchester, who would be a little disappointed they couldn’t improve on last years result and repeated their 3rd place again, but it was a good solid show. Murton Colliery played to form though and came home 4th (although we tipped them for 3rd), which continued their improvement at the contest and repeated their result of 1999, whilst 5th spot went to Wansbeck Ashington Colliery under the baton of N. Steadman who improved a place from last year.

The final top six placing went to Bearpark and Esh Colliery, who in their first year in the section following their promotion from the Fourth Section did well to come 6th.

Below this it was Dearham in 7th place, which wasn’t a bad return for their first year in the higher section and Barrow Concert who came 8th, which was perhaps a bit of a disappointment after their relegation from the second section last year. The final two places were taken by Swinton and District Excelsior, who were 9th and may be a bit deflated to have been beaten by both their fellow promotion rivals and Billingham who dropped to last place following their relegation from the higher section.

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