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Post Match Analysis:
London & Southern Counties Regional Championships 2002

Fourth Section:
Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
Sunday March 17th
Adjudicator: John Maines
Commences: 10.30am

Competing Bands:

1. Sandhurst Silver (R. Burke): 22 178
2. Hungerford Town (T. Crouter): 2 176
3. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (K. Membury): 17 175
4. Ware Brass (K. Durbin): 26 174
5. Woodbridge Excelsior (E. Howells): 9 173
6. Chalgrove (M. Fricker): 28 172
7. Hemel Hempstead (G. Weeks): 12 171
8. Hangleton (C. Nonoo): 18 170
8. Letchworth Garden City (T. Welch): 24 170
10. Fulbourn and Teversham RBL (P. Mott): 13 169
11. Hilgay Silver (R. Smith): 8 168
12. Charles Church Camberley (G. Hughes): 23 167
13. Great Yarmouth Brass (M. Zipfel): 25 166
14. Thundersley Brass (D. Hirst): 27 165
15. Waterbeach Brass (C. Bell): 21 163
16. Tadley Concert Brass (P. Chapman): 11 162
17. Hook Norton Brass Band (R. Glynn): 10 161
18. Somersham Town (D. Wilson): 4 160
19. Godalming (D. Wright): 5 159
20. Martlesham Brass (P. Benyon): 1 158
21. Fulham Brass (W. Elsom): 14 157
22. King's Lynn Town (K. Mann): 15 156
23. Grays Town Band (tba): 16 155
24. Potter's Bar Town (R. Cregan): 20 154
25. Royston Town (G. Smith): 19 153
26. New Buckenham Silver (A. Broadbent): 6 152
27. Fakenham Town Band (D. Wakefield): 7 151

Withdrawn: Oxford Templars Brass

Disqualified: Castle Point Brass

Top four bands qualify

It’s not often you hear this, but we will none the less...
Well done the adjudicator!

John Maines had the mammoth task of putting some order to the musical montage of 28 fourth section bands, and we did say in our preamble that he must be a masochist or a true lover of brass bands to put himself through such an ordeal. In the end though he confessed to having a great time (he must be mad then!) and picked out top four bands that nobody could really disagree with for the trip to Torquay.

The winners were Sandhurst Silver, who repeated their triumph of last year in some comfort off the number 22 draw to win by two clear points, whilst the runners up place went to Hungerford Town, who improved 10 places from 2001 to take second place. Third spot on the podium went to Jubilee Brass who jumped an amazing 19 places from 22nd last year to 3rd this time and a trip to Torquay, whilst the last qualification place went to our pre match favorites, Ware Brass, who dropped a place from last year but who will still be booking B&B on the sunny British Riviera.

Below this came Woodbridge Excelsior on their debut in 5th spot and Chalgrove who performed to form (ours that is) to come home 6th and make a leap of 20 places from last year! Below this were Hemel Hempstead in 7th (up 18 from 2001) and Hangleton in 8th. (we predicted 2nd, but it was still an improvement of up 3 from 2001)

Joint 8th with them were Letchworth Garden City who repeated their performance of last year, whilst 10th spot was filled by Fulbourn and Teversham (down 8 from last year). Hilgay Silver came home 11th (we predicted 4th) and Charles Church Camberley were 12th (up 10 places from 2001).

Great Yarmouth, Thundersley, Waterbeach, Tadley and Hook Norton filled the places 13th to 17th and will be variably happy with the results as respectively they dropped 5 places, stayed the same, dropped 10 places and came 16th and 17th on their first outings. Places 18th to 24 went to Sommersham, Godalming, Martlesham, Fulham, Kings Lynn, Grays and Potters Bar, which was a return from last year of down 2, up 5, stayed the same, down 2, down 10, 23rd and 24th first time out.

The bottom three were Royston who were 25th and improved by 2 places from 2001, New Buckingham Silver, who were 26th on their debut and finally Fakenham, who we predicted would possibly come 5th, yet slumped to 27th, down 12 from last years efforts.

Well done then to the top four, and special congratulations to Mr Maines. We would bet a fiver he didn’t listen to a brass band CD in his car for the long trip home.

© 4BarsRest

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