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Post Match Analysis:
London & Southern Counties Regional Championships 2002

Third Section:
Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
Saturday March 16th
Adjudicator: Roy Sparkes
Commences: 10.30am

Competing Bands:

1. Castleton Brass (D. Eves): 11 182
2. Yiewsley and West Drayton (C. Cole): 12 181
3. East London Brass (A. Caldon): 9 180
4. Bradwell Silver (B. Keech): 10 179
5. St. Albans City (W. Rumford): 13 178
6. St. Sebastian's Wokingham (B. Gentry): 7 177
7. Hitchin (G. Carney): 2 176
8. Croydon Brass (M. Hackett): 3 175
9. KM Gillingham Concert Brass (T. Andrew): 8 174
10. Heath (D. Phillips): 4 173
11. Stantonbury Brass (J. Jenkin): 5 172
12. Chinnor Silver (D. Pegram): 1 171
13. Amersham (A. Fawbert): 6 170

Top two qualify

Just to show that we know even less about Third Section London banding, Castleton Brass took the title with a very impressive win from the number 11 draw, just a point ahead of Yiewsley and West Drayton who followed them on stage and came a point behind them for their troubles. Both were worthy qualifiers in a section that yet again was beset by tuning problems (especially in the basses) and the propensity for many bands to sacrifice clarity to speed.

We had tipped Yiewsley for 4th spot in our preview, so we weren’t too far out, but Castleton were a bit of a surprise for us and made a huge leap up from the 7th place of 2001. Third place went to East London Brass who just missed out on the qualification bus ride by coming third, but showing that their recent good performance at the Folkestone contest in the higher section was a worthy indicator of their talents.

Bradwell Silver were another band that took a huge leap forward by improving from 13th in 2001 to 4th this time around, whilst St. Alban’s City also bettered last years outing by leaping from 8th to 5th. St. Sebastians Wokingham made a leap in the right direction by improving from 15th to 6th, whilst our dark horse bet, Hitchin edged up the table by two places to come 7th.

We tipped Croyden to come 2nd and KM Gillingham Concert Brass to win the contest, so to come 8th and 9th was a bit of a disappointment to them both, whilst Heath came 10th a leap of four places from 2001. The bottom three were Stantonbury Brass, Chinnor Silver and Amersham, who we tipped to come 5th, 6th and 3rd! Sorry to one and all, and we hope that our kiss of death can be shaken off in time for next years assault.

Well done to Castleton and Yiewsley and West Drayton (does East, South and North Drayton have a band?) They travel to Torquay as strong contenders and should be confident of doing well.

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