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Post Match Analysis:
London & Southern Counties Regional Championships 2002

Second Section:
Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
Saturday March 16th
Adjudicator: James Scott
Commences: After 3rd Section Prizes

Competing Bands:

1. Northfleet Brass (D. Lewis): 11 186
2. Becontree Brass (W. Rumford): 3 184
3. Broseley Brass (P. Fenson): 10 183
4. Horsham Borough (L. Baron): 8 182
5. Stonesfield Silver (T. Brotherhood): 6 181
6. Cantium Brass (J. Goold): 13 180
7. Brighton Silver (E. Flood): 2 179
8. Wantage Silver A (M. Pegram): 14 178
9. Cawston (C. Swaep): 1 177
10. BAE Systems (K. Woodger): 12 176
11. Woking Brass (G. Wyatt): 4 175
12. Crystal Palace (M. Gray): 7 170
13. Littleport Brass (J. Hammond): 9 169

Disqualified: Grimsdyke Brass (Harrow) (K. Ransom): 5

Top two qualify

James Scott was the thoughtful adjudicator for the Second Section and he used all his years of top class musicianship to make sure that the most musical and technically most secure performances won the day. He remarked that he felt that many bands would have approached the Ewald set work possibly thinking it was an easy piece to play, but they should have known better: the easier things look, the harder they usually are.

And so it proved, as more than a few bands fell foul of trying to blow their way to victory and sacrificed their chances on the gibbet of strident untunefulness. So many were simply loud and out of tune.

Not so Northfleet Brass who played off the number 11 draw and gave a wonderful performance that secured a clear two point victory over Becontree Brass in second place. Both bands displayed exactly the qualities James Scott was looking for, and benefited accordingly, whilst Broseley Brass under Paul Fenson just missed out on the trip to Torquay after giving a very secure and confident performance prior to Northfleet taking the stage. That proved a good comparison, and Northfleet certainly displayed enough tight ensemble playing and in tune playing to deserve the three point margin over them and secure the winners enclosure.

Fourth place went to Horsham Borough, who we thought would come a little higher in our preview, whilst Stonesfield Silver played right to form (for us anyway) to take home the predetermined 5th place. Cantium Brass made up the frame with 6th spot, which was a fine return following their promotion from the third section.

Brighton Silver improved a place from last year to come 7th, whilst Wantage Silver dropped 5 places from 2001 to come 8th (and drop from our preview position of 4th). Cawston came home 9th, which was an improvement of one place from last year and BAE Systems couldn’t live up to our pre match prediction of a possible 3rd place and dropped to 10th.

Our tip for the top, Woking Brass will be cursing our prediction as they fell from 5th last year to 11th this time around (sorry ladsand lasses for giving you the kiss of death in predicting you would win) and Crystal Palace improved from 13th in 2001 to come home 12th this year. The final placing went to Littleport Brass who may face relegation after coming last to go with their 12th place of last year.

So well done Northfleet and Becontree, who really went for it and showed that our predictions for them both were more than a little way out. Shows how much we know about second section London banding doesn’t it!

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