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Post Match Analysis:
London & Southern Counties Regional Championships 2002

First Section:
Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
Sunday March 17th
Adjudicator: Roy Sparkes
Commences: 10.00am


1. Matthews Norfolk Brass (D. Stowell): 7 192
2. Welwyn Garden City (D. Stokes): 15 191
3. Chichester City (J. Williams): 16 190
4. Alder Valley Brass (David Barringer): 9 189
5. Friary Guildford Brass (K. Maxwell): 11 188
6. Egham (G. Green): 8 187
7. Fairlop Brass (K. Jordan): 10 186
8. City of Cambridge (R. Hull): 12 185
9. KM Gillingham (G. Wilson): 1 184
10. Tilbury (R. Nunnery): 2 183
11. Ipswich Coop (S. Kenna): 14 182
12. Epping Forest (M. Easener): 13 181
13. Luton (T. Brotherhood): 6 180
14. Capital Concert Brass (E. Campbell): 5 179
15. Denham Hendon Brass (P. Cox): 4 178
16. Betteshanger Welfare (K. Dennison): 3 177

Withdrawn: Brent Brass

Top three qualify

We are going to resist any opportunity to make an awful pun about the poultry background of the winners, Matthews Norfolk Brass. It’s cheap and low and not very funny (and someone has already done it better than us elsewhere). Anyway, they were deserved winners and gave a very fine performance of the set work to book their place at the Finals in Torquay.

Adjudicator Roy Sparkes thought so as well, and paid compliments to the bands ability to give the music time to flow, as well as maintaining the musical shape that George Lloyd obviously intended. Too many bands thought the middle movement was the opportunity to reduce the tempo to a snails pace and as a result the music stalled and spluttered like an old Ford Escort on a winter’s morning. Not so Norfolk and their conductor, David Stowell who mad up for not being able to take his other band, BTM in Wales, by winning with some considerable style here.

Second place and the other qualification place went to Welwyn Garden City, who performed to form (and our prediction!) to take the runners up spot just behind the winners. Up until they played, Norfolk Brass were well ahead of the field, but as the penultimate band on stage they made a real impression on Roy Sparkes, and just did enough to hold off the challenge of Chichester City who followed them on and gave a fine performance to come home third.

Outside the podium places came Alder Valley Brass in 4th and Friary Guildford Brass in 5th, whilst Egham did us proud at 4BR by very nearly playing to our prediction and coming in 6th.

Below that and out of the frame came Fairlop Brass, who made a big jump from last years 12th place and City of Cambridge who also improved on their result of 2001 of 11th by coming 8th. Our tip for the top though came a disappointing 9th, as KM Gillingham had the misfortune of playing off the dreaded number 1 spot and found it very hard going.

Tilbury came a solid 10th in their first year in the higher section, whilst Ipswich Co-op dropped from 5th last year to 11th this time around. 12th place went to Epping Forest, who dropped two spots from 2001 and 13th unluckily went to Luton (which was an improvement on last year’s 15th). We put the mockers on both the bands that came 14th and 15th though with Capital Concert Brass (our tip for 6th place) and Denham (our tip for 3rd!) coming well down the listings. Last of the lot though went to Betteshanger who dropped 8 places from last year to prop up the rest of the field.

So Matthews Norfolk Brass and Welwyn Garden City make the trip south west to Torquay for the Finals – “Bootiful” (sorry to one and all!)

© 4BarsRest

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