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Post Match Analysis:
Welsh Regional Championships 2002

Fourth Section:
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Sunday 17th March
Adjudicator: Colin Hardy
Commences 11.00am


1. Conway Town (K. Jones): 5 180
2. Porthaethwy Menai Bridge (G. Saynor): 3 178
3. Glynneath Silver (W. Cross): 1 176
4. Oakdale (R. Probyn): 9 175
5. Radyr and Morganstown (G. Hann): 6 174
6. Abertillery and District (J. Harris): 4 173
7. Llanelli and District (R. Owen): 12 172
8. Goodwick Brass (D. Wheeler): 13 171
9. Severn Tunnel (J. Williams): 8 170
10. Gwaun cae Gurwen (R. Williams): 11 169
11. Ogmore Valley (I. Barnett): 7 168
12. Crwbin (A. Jones): 2 167
13. Ystradgynlais Public (A. Jones): 10 166

Top two qualify

Thirteen bands took part in the fourth section, and for the most part it was an entertaining and enjoyable contest as just about all the bands got to grips with the set test and managed in part (but with the exception of the winners, not whole) to play the Gordon Jacob “Suite” well.

We say “not whole” as it was only really the winners, Conway Town who did the business throughout the whole three movements of the work and this was reflected in the remarks of Colin Hardy, the adjudicator, at the conclusion of the contest. He thought that Conway were the only band to be fully in command of the entire work and that they produced a lovely rounded sound and were in control from the beginning to the end of the piece. Our man in the hall agreed and so did the vast majority of a pretty good crowd. It was a popular and deserved win and it was their first Regional championship title.

A couple of points further back were Porthaethwy Menai Bridge who set the standard off the number 3 slot, whilst Glyneath set the marker for the day straight off the number 1 draw, that eventually secured them third place. Both these bands played very well, and although neither could approach the overall standard of Conway, both gave worthy performances. Menai Bridge got the nod as they seemed to be more consistent throughout the three movements, but it was a close thing and Glyneath can be mighty proud of their efforts.

Below these three came Oakdale and Radyr and Morganstwon who both just lacked the consistency and size of sound of the bands above them, but who both gave worthy performances. Radyr in particular should take great heart from the fact that in their second contest they managed such a showing and beat 8 other bands into the bargain.

Abertillery and District worked hard to come 6th, whilst last year’s winners, Llanelli could only manage 7th place. Many of the bands that came out of the prizes suffered from trying to produce too big a sound and as a result they overblew and the tuning was at times awful. The top three didn’t and as a result came in the prizes.

Goodwick and Severn Tunnel came 8th and 9th, whilst the bottom four bands were Gwaun cae Gurwen, Ogmore Valley, Crwbin and Ystradgynlais Public. All of them made brave attempts at the music and there were some talented young players on show, but the basics at times were the things that let them down rather than the tricky bits.

Overall it was a very nice appetiser for the main course ahead and showed that overall the standard of the bands in this section was pretty good. Plenty of young players with talent and by this time next year they should all have improved further. Things look quite rosy.

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