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Post Match Analysis:
Scottish Regional Championships 2002

Third Section:
Motherwell Civic Centre
Sunday 10th March
Adjudicator: Alan Morrison
Commences: 10.30am


1. Shotts St. Patrick's Brass (S Kerwin): 189 1
2. Arbroath Instrumental (M. Robertson): 188 9
3. St. David's Brass (J. Dickson): 186 8
4. St. Ronan's Silver (C. Bradley): 185 2
5. MacTaggart Scott Silver, Loanhead (A. Fernie): 182 6
6. Buckhaven and Methil (A. Fernie): 181 4
7. Dunfermline Town (S. Duncan): 180 7
8. Perthshire Brass (G. Annan): 179 3
9. Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's) (J. Tonner): 178 11
10. Campbeltown Brass (G. Evans): 177 5

Broxburn Silver, North Ayrshire Band :

Top two bands qualify

Unlike his alter ego when at CWS Glasgow, Simon Kerwin had no problems coping with the demands of the number 1 draw in the Third Section as he led Shotts St. Patrick’s Brass to an excellent win in Third Section.

He has complete understanding of not only the set test of Kenneth Downie’s work, but also of the capabilities of his band, and he led them through a thoroughly competent and convincing performance that wasn’t under any pressure until Arbroath Instrumental took the stage at number 9. Their put in a fine solid show which was clearly ahead of the others on the day and secured the second qualification spot for Torquay with something to spare.

Third place went to St. David’s Brass who gave a very good account of themselves, whilst Chris Bradley brought St. Ronan’s Silver into 4th place. These four bands seemed to be in a class of their own and it made the task a little easier for adjudicator Alan Morrison, who applauded the choice of the set test. In fact he commented that there were two outstanding performances and it was of no surprise that he opted for the two performances that gave the music the most time to flow.

Below these four bands came the rest, and even though nearly all of them managed to play the notes, all struggled to really make sense of some of the musical detail. Mac Taggart Scott Silver came home 5th under Alan Fernie, whilst Buckhaven and Methil also with Alan at the helm took 6th. Dunfermline came 7th, whilst our tip for 5th spot in the preview, Perthshire Brass had to be content with 8th place. The last two places went to Dundee Instrumental in 9th and Campbeltown Brass in 10th.

There was little difference between the ability of many of the bands on the day, but there was a difference in their capabilities of producing the music the piece demanded. Shotts and Arbroath had no such problems and will travel the long journey south to Torquay as strong contenders for the National crown.

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