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Post Match Analysis:
Scottish Regional Championships 2002

First Section
Motherwell Civic Centre
Saturday 9th March
Adjudicator: Markus Bach
Commences: 5.00pm approx


1. Broxburn Public (M. Marzella): 193 7
2. Clackmannan District Brass (N. Law): 191 4
3. Livingstone Brass (A. Samson): 190 5
4. Dunaskin Doon (D. Hirst): 189 3
5. Barrhead Burgh (Brian N Keachie): 188 10
5. Tayport Instrumental (R. McDonald): 188 8
7. Bathgate (A. Duguid): 187 6
8. City of Discovery Brass (B. Fraser): 186 9
9. Dalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery (I. Fleming): 185 2
10. UDI Aberdeen City (A. Haggart): 184 1

Top two qualify

There is no doubt that the vast majority of the bands in the first section were more than capable of performing George Lloyd’s set test, “Royal Parks” and the adjudicator, Markus Bach was generally impressed by the fare placed in front of him. However, the technical demands are secondary to the beauty of the music and it was this that Markus Bach had in mind as he picked the two most musical performances of the day to take the qualification spots.

Broxburn Public conducted by Michael Marzella won the day with a superbly crafted performance that gave the music space and breadth to register. They had an array of very competent and secure solo players, but it was the way in which the conductor realised the flow and sense of style of the piece that so caught the ear. It was a top class reading and a top class performance that deservedly won the title.

Second spot went to Clakmannan District conducted by Norman Law who also brought a great sense of style and musicality to the piece. In fact, it was very reminiscent of Black Dyke when they won the European Championships all those years ago – full rounded bass sounds and secure neat and tidy top end playing. It deservedly took second place with more than a little to spare from the rest of the field.

Third place went to Livingstone Brass, who put ion a fine performance that secured their podium place, but just didn’t have the sense of style and clarity that the two above them displayed. Still, they certainly showed that they are a band to be reckoned with. Fourth place went to our pre match favourites, Dunaskin Doon, who performed well, under the fine direction of David Hirst. This was a performance that had so much to merit, but at times sounded a little strained compared to those who came above.

Barrhead and Tayport took fifth and sixth spots with secure workmanlike performances at the end of the contest, whilst Bathgate, who we tipped to come 4th in the preview had to be content with 7th spot, ahead of City of Discovery Brass and Dalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery. Finally, UDI Aberdeen playing off the number 1 spot had the misfortune to come last, but theirs was as good a performance as just about any of the other three bands above them and so they shouldn’t be too disappointed at the result.

All in all then, a very good section of quality playing for Markus Bach to listen and adjudicate upon, and for the vast majority of the audience he got the result spot on. Well done to Broxburn and Clackmannan who were musically a short head and shoulders above the rest on the day and congratulations to both conductors, who used their old musical noggins to great effect. It goes to show that even when a band can play the notes, you still need someone to show them how they should sound.

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