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Post Match Analysis:
North West Regional Championships 2002

Fourth Section
Sunday March 10th
Spanish Hall
Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill
Commences: 12.30pm


1. Timperley (G. Hetherington): 179 18
2. Douglas Town (G. Higginbotttom): 177 1
3. Wardle and District Anderson Brass (P. Shaw): 175 19
4. Thornton Cleveleys (C. Andrews): 173 4
5. Friezland (L. Clough): 172 11
6. Pemberton Old Wigan "B" (P. Ashley): 171 12
7. Trinity Girls (S. Barton): 170 3
8. Haydock Youth (B. Wyatt): 169 14
9. Rivington and Adlington (I. Bateson): 168 10
10. Nelson Brass (K. Richmind): 167 6
11. Besses Boys (C. Whiteoak): 165 2
12. Hesketh Bank Silver (S. Pullin): 164 15
13. Standish (J. Roberts):163 8
14. Uppermill (J. Hunter): 161 7
15. Shaw Youth (M. Tooley): 160 13
16. Farndon and District Brass (P. Dalton): 159 5
17. Parr (Richardson Ltd) St. Helens (J. Ludden): 158 16
18. Earby (P. Young): 157 9
19. Cheshire Constabulary (G. Henshall): 156 17

Withdrawn: St. Helens Brass (A. Young)

Top three qualify

Doing well off a late draw seemed to be the way to victory in the lower sections, and Timperley playing off a the penultimate number 18 draw showed that in the fourth section, the best is always worth waiting for as they took the title with a clear two point victory over Douglas Town from the Isle of Man and Wardle and District Anderson Brass in third place.

Malcolm Brownbill was impressed by the efforts of al the bands in the section and gave words of encouragement to all of them (referring to them as the Premier Section). Although the standard was variable throughout the section, each of the bands made something out of the difficulties of the Jacob “Suite” that left a sweet taste in the mouth and pleasant ring in the ears.

Timperley were the most consistent of all the bands and Graham Hetherington drew some lovely sounds from his charges. They had a long wait before taking the stage as 18th band of the day, but it was a performance of real merit and they took the top prize with style. Second place meanwhile went to the lads and lasses from the Isle of Man, who drew the shortest of straws in playing number 1, but they gave a performance that was the real benchmark for the adjudicator and they managed to hold off the challenges of every band after them except the eventual winners. It was a fine achievement.

Wardle and District Anderson Brass and Phil Shaw took third spot and the final qualification spot with a very competent performance that edged out Thornton’s Cleveleys into fourth spot. It must be said that the top three bands gave very good accounts for themselves and were clearly ahead of the rest of the field.

Below them, came Friezland in 5th spot and Pemberton Old Wigan who came 6th. They couldn’t quite repeat the win of their sister band in the first section. Our two pre match favourites, Trinity Girls (who we tipped for the runners up spot) and Haydock Youth (who we tipped for victory) came 7th and 8th.

Below them came Rivington , Nelson, Besses Boys, Hesketh Bank and Standish 9who we had tipped for 5th place in the preview). The bottom six consisted of Uppermill, Shaw Youth, Farndon and District, Parr, Earby and Cheshire Constabulary.

So a fine win for Timperley who beat our prediction (we had them up for 5th in the preview) and showed that they will be strong contenders come the Finals in Torquay.

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