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Post Match Analysis:
North West Regional Championships 2002

Third Section
Sunday 10th March
Opera House
Adjudicator: Sydney Swancott
Commences: 10.00am


1. Wire Brass (P. Andrews): 185 18
2. Silk Brass Astra Zeneca (Macclesfield) (K. Mackintosh): 184 8
3. Middleton (S. Foster): 183 4
4. Greenhall's Brewery (H. Bousefield): 182 1
5. Blackpool Brass (G. Smith): 180 17
6. Rainford Silver (L. Nicholson): 179 14
7. Boarshurst (Greenfield) (J. Webster): 178 19
8. United Norwest 2000 Brass (A. Helleur): 177 13
9. Diggle (D. Morris): 176 7
10. Pilling Jubilee Silver (S. Simpson): 175 10
11. City of Chester (D. Mitchell): 174 16
12. Eccleston Brass (B. Harper): 173 12
13. Lostockhall Memorial (R. Heyes): 172 9
14. Eaton's Franworth (P. Ashley): 171 6
15. Blackley (G. Smith): 170 15
16. Hazel Grove (A. Hurst): 169 3
17. Barnton Silver (S. Yates): 167 5
18. Greenfield (D. Chapman): 165 11
19. Eccles Borough (C. Pownall): 164 2

Top three qualify

If you are going to make a mark in the banding world you would have thought it would take years of hard work, plenty of history and players who have served a long and tortuous apprenticeship. Not so with Wire Brass.

The band that takes it’s name after the industrial heritage of the Warrington area (it shares it’s name with the proper nickname of the town’s rugby league team) have only been in existence for less than a year and this was only it’s second contest. However, that was no handicap as they performed superbly as penultimate performers in a good quality field to take the title and the trip to the south coast.

Adjudicator, Sydney Swancott said at the end of the section that the composer had given a wide margin in the tempo to allow freedom of expression to come through from the music, and that he found the choice enjoyable. He also made the telling point that he felt disappointed for the band that came 4th as they also gave an excellent performance. That’s contesting though, as are those acts of God which sometimes interfere with a bands chances of success. Greenhall’s for instance had to contend with one of the Opera House stage lights exploding – and although they coped well, it obviously disturbed the flow and rhythm of the band for a few bars or more.

Wire were excellent and had plenty of fine solo players who impressed everyone in the audience, whilst Silk Brass who were second gave a powerful performance that had plenty of detail. We at 4BR didn’t have Wire in the prizes in our preview, but after their performance, there was little doubt that they were a band that was really up there. We won’t underestimate them again for sure.

Third spot went to Middleton who played very well indeed off the early number 4 draw, whilst Greenhall’s overcame both the lights and the number 1 draw to come 4th. In our preview we had them to win, but in the end they just narrowly missed out. Hard lines to one and all.

Blackpool Brass were on immediately before the winners and gave a solid and well received performance, whilst Rainford who came 6th also impressed and just pushed Boarshurt (Greenfield) out of the top prizes. They were taken by Jonathan Webster, who with Lynda Nicholson were the two best conductors on the day – clear, compact and quite elegent in their style. We think Lynda Nicholson will be a success with Besses O’ th’ Barn when she takes over the reigns soon and Mr Webster we are sure will be hunted by the talent scouts.

Below them came United Norwest in 8th and Diggle in 9th (who we had as our 5th place choices in the preview). After that it was a bit of a procession down the list with Pilling Jubilee 10th, City of Chester 11th, Eccleston 12th and Lostockhall Memorial 13th. The bottom 6 read Eatons Farnsworth (our dark horses in the preview), Blackley, Hazel Grove, Barnton Silver, Greenfield and Eccles.

A fine contest and well deserved winners. We didn’t have them listed before hand and we had our noses rubbed in it as a result. Well done to Wire, but we did get the remaining 5 right 9although in the wrong order) so we were not too far out.

© 4BarsRest

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