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Post Match Analysis:
North West Regional Championships 2002

Second Section
Sunday March 10th
Empress Ballroom
Adjudicator: Roy Roe
Commences: 2.30pm


1. Moston and Bewick (Manchester) (R. Taylor): 188 12
2. Lancashire Life Morecombe (A. Warriner): 186 10
3. Haslingden and Helmshore (D. Holland):185 2
4. Poulton le Fylde (G. Clough): 183 8
5. Old Hall Brass (N. Parkinson): 182 13
6. Bollington (P. Christian): 181 4
7. Eagley (N. Sheppard): 179 9
8. Skelmersdale Prize (G. Martin): 178 1
9. Manx Concert Brass (I. Clague): 177 3
10. Delph (P. Goodwin): 175 5
11. BMP Europe Goodshaw (A. Widdop): 174 11
12. Walkden (D. Ashworth): 172 14
13. Hoover (Bolton) (S. Talbot): 171 6
14. Whitworth Vale and Healey (C. Myers): 170 7

Top two qualify

Moston and Beswick more than lived up to their pre match billing as one of the favourites for the Second Section, when they performed superbly off the late number 12 draw to take the title and the trip to Torquay from Lancashire Life Morecombe in second place and Haslingden and Helmshore in third.

It was an excellent performance of the difficult set test by Victor Ewald that gained them 188 points from adjudicator Roy Roe and gave notice that they will be ones of the band to best when they reach the south coast later tin the year. Roy Roe commented that he found the piece to be a fine test and felt that the two performances that gained the qualification spots were excellent. That said, Moston were clear winners and their victory was well merited.

Second place and the other qualification place was taken by Lancashire Life Morecombe who also overcame the technical problems imposed by the set test with admirable ease and playing off a number 10 draw were helped by a firm and sensible approach by conductor Andy Warriner. They too will take the trip to Torquay as strong contenders.

4BR had in our preview to the contest gave a list of six bands that we thought would be up and around the top places come the results, and amazingly we got all six correct – but in the wrong order. The two top bands we thought would come 2nd and 6th, whilst Haslingden and Helmshore, who eventually came third, we thought would be 5th. In the event they thoroughly desevred their podium place and set the mark to beat off the early number 2 draw. It wasn’t quite enough this time to get the trip, but they will feature highly I other contests during the year for sure.

Pouton le Fylde were 4th (we had them as winners in our preview) whilst Old Hall came 5th and Bollington came home 6th. We had the bands 3rd and 4th in our preview. All the performances had merit and deserved their placings, and it was noticeable that these six performances were clearly a small but significant level above those below them.

Eably were 7th, whilst Skelmersdale came 8th off the dreaded number 1 spot. Below them came Manx, Delph (our dark horse band) BMP Europe, Walkden, Hoover and Whitworth Vale, who came bottom of a good quality field.

All in all it was a contest that in fact came in two clear halves in terms of standards of performances, and the top six were clearly ahead of the field with the top two in particular very strong and competent bands. Come Torquay, the North West will be sending two impressive contenders.

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