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Post Match Analysis:
North West Regional Championships 2002

First Section:
Adjudicator: Goff Richards
Sunday March 10th
Empress Ballroom
Commences: Approx 10.30pm


1. Pemberton Old Wigan (A. Lawton): 190 1
2. Ashton Under Lyne (J. Maines): 189 11
3. Roberts Bakery (C. Cranson): 188 10
4. Vernon Building Scoiety Poyton (M. Obermuller): 187 12
5. United Co-op (Crewe) (J. Sparkes): 186 5
6. Dobcross Silver (TBA): 185 9
7. Tyldesley (M. Peacock): 184 8
8. Stalybridge Old (A. White): 183 2
9. Dobcross Youth (T. Griffiths): 182 7
10. Hawk Green (Marple): 180 6
11. United Nowest Co-op Milnrow (D. Hebb): 179 4
12 Blackburn and Darwen (E. Landon): 178 3

Top two qualify

Whenever a brass band competition takes place, their is a fair bet that within the banding media, a debate will take place about 'pre-draw', 'split-draw', 'too many bands in one section' and 'no-one will ever win off a number one draw'. You'd be well advised not to say that to members of Pemberton Old in Wigan who drew number one in the First Section on Sunday and won, playing George Lloyd’s “Royal Parks”.

Under Alan Lawton, the band rose to the challenge of the draw that nobody wants a with a very commanding and confident rendition of this test piece - maybe the adrenalin was still flowing from the pre-contest rehearsal, but nevertheless, it was good enough for Goff Richards to award them first place and a trip to Torquay in September. Expected to do well, Stalybridge drew number two and had a bad day at the office. It was very noticeable that the contest hall had a very lively acoustic and as a result some of the detail of the music was lost from many of the bands that competed. That was certainly this case with Stalybridge.

In his remarks to the audience before the results, Goff Richards stated that as with the Midlands first section a week earlier, no bad performances were made, but the key to success was that he was 'looking for performances in the style that Lloyd wanted'. With this in mind, the last three competing bands (Roberts Bakery, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Vernon Building Society Poynton) had a mini-tussle with themselves to get the other remaining place for the finals, but each performance had quality within it and along with Pemberton Old set themselves apart from the other bands.

Roberts Bakery and Colin Cranson were drawn number ten and seemed at home with the piece and the hall in general - this band has been in the Championship section for a number of years and having been awarded a third place, you get a hunch that it won't be too long before they compete in the top section again.

Ashton-Under-Lyne is a band that was reformed during the 1990’s, and with some good players and leadership of Martyn Evans rose through the sections right to the top, and although back in section one, showed what a quality outfit they are. Under the experienced John Maines, the band played number eleven and the performance was very assured and the second and third movements stood out. This was enough to give them that coveted second place and you wouldn't bet against them making a big impact come Torquay in September.

Last band on stage was Poynton and once again a very strong and confident performance that gave them a well-deserved fourth place. The band can consider themselves a touch unfortunate not to have got a higher placing, but the north west first section is a tough one.

Special mention should be made of Dobcross Youth under Ted Griffiths - yes a youth band in the first section, but drawn seventh they were awarded ninth place, which was a superb achievement. Nothing but experience can be gained from playing at this level, and it will surely come to pass in the future years, that many of these playing are gracing the top bands in the land. With tremendous support from parents and helpers, the youngsters demonstrate extreme maturity and everyone will wish them well as they will get better and better.

Before the announcement of the results, the regional secretary, Peter Bates awarded three certificates to representatives of bands for long service and one special award for a non-bandsperson. Prior to the announcement, many people didn't know the gentlemen's name, but knew who he was. Jack Binns has supported brass bands up and down the land for over fifty years. On Sunday, he shook the hand of every competitor in the first section before they went on stage. If Jack is unknown to you, then you'll soon discover if you have been in Jack's company or not. When the compere/conductor says 'good morning. good afternoon etc' and a voice booms back 'good afternoon' then Jack is in the hall. As soon as this announcement was made, a spontaneous round of applause and standing ovation broke out in the Spanish Hall and a visibly moved Jack, went forward to collect his certificate.

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