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Scottish Regional Championship

Fourth Section:

Motherwell Civic Centre
Saturday 9th March
Adjudicator: Markus Bach
Commences: 1.00pm approx

Competing Bands: Bon Accord Silver "B" Band (B. Wallace): Coalburn Silver (D. Grey): Creetown Silver (J. McNab): Drumblade Junior Brass (tba): Dumfries Town (P. Heyes): Dysart Colliery (tba): Forfar Instrumental (tba): Hawick Saxhorn (R. Hume): Jedforest Instrumental (A. Fernie): Langholm Town (tba): Lochgelly (G. Lindsay): Newland Concert Brass (W. Smith): Peebles Burgh (D. O'Connor): Penicuik Silver (S. Duncan): Stranraer Youth (I. Munroe)

The Fourth Section here is a bit of an open book of a contest. Markus Bach will certainly enjoy the experience we are sure, but picking a winner could be damn hard!

Only four of the 15 bands on show have competed at the contest for the last three years in a row, so form as such will be a transient thing. Still there will have to be a winner, and we think again it will be the band that does the basic well. Good luck to all and Mr Bach in particular.

Bon Accord Silver "B" won the title as best fourth section band at the Whitburn contest and have been a very consistent challenger here over the past three years, with 6th in 199, 3rd in 2000 and 4th last year. They could be the band to beat. Coalburn Silver meanwhile didn't compete last year and have only an 8th place in 2000 to give us an indication of their form.

Creetown Silver will be hoping to continue on their improvement at this contest as they came 10th in 2000 and 9th last year, whilst Drumblade Junior Brass didn't compete in 2001, but came home 11th in both 1999 and 2000.

Dumfries Town recently came 3rd at the Carnegie Contest and 7th at Fife, so they should have hopes of improving on their 6th place of last year and even getting better than the 4th place of 1999. Dysart meanwhile are making their debuts and come to the contest with a clean record (we couldn't find a thing about them in the contests results).

Forfar Instrumental are just about the same with just a 9th place in 1999 for us to go on, whilst Hawick Saxhorn came 7th last year and 7th again in 1999. They didn't make the contest in 2000. Jedforest however have been busy and came 5th at Fife and best 4th section band at the recent Borders Contest as well as 2nd at Carnegie. They came 6th in 2000 and 5th last year so they should be in with a very good shout.

Lochgelly have also been busy in the contesting field of late and came 4th at Fife (try saying that after 6 pints) and 3rd at Carnegie and are in the fourth section after being relegated after coming 12th last year in the higher section. As they came 5th in 1999 and 7th in 2000 they will be keen to get back there.

Newland Concert Brass were relegated to the fourth section after coming 7th in 1999 and 12th in 2000 and last year they found their feet in 8th place. They will be hoping for better things. Peebles Burgh meanwhile recently came 4th at Carnegie and coupled with their 10th place here last year they will be hoping for further improvement.

Penicuik Silver should be the band to beat we think as they have a fine record of late here with 5th place in 199, 4th in 2000 and 3rd last year. With a win at Carnegie under their belt, they will be confident of at least improving one place on last year and booking the hotel rooms in Torquay.

Stranraer Youth didn't compete last year and came 10th in 1999 and 13th in 2000. They will be hoping to secure a better place up the prize-winning ladder this time around.

2001 Result:

1. Arbroath Instrumental
2. Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's)
3. Penicuik Silver
4. Bon Accord Silver "B"
5. Jedforest Instrumental
6. Dumfries Town

4BR Prediction:

1. Penicuik Silver
2. Lochgelly
3. Jedforest Instrumental
4. Bon Accord Silver "B"
5. Dumfries Town
6. Peebles Burgh

Dark Horse: Stranraer Youth

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