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North West Regional Championships

Fourth Section

Sunday March 10th
Spanish Hall
Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill
Commences: 12.30pm

Competing Bands: Besses Boys (C. Whiteoak): Cheshire Constabulary (G. Henshall): Douglas Town (G. Higginbotttom): Earby (P. Young): Farndon and District Brass (P. Dalton): Friezland (L. Clough): Haydock Youth (B. Wyatt): Hesketh Bank Silver (S. Pullin): Nelson Brass (K. Richmind): Parr (Richardson Ltd) St. Helens (J. Ludden): Pemberton Old Wigan "B" (P. Ashley): Rivington and Adlington (I. Bateson): St. Helens Brass (A. Young): Shaw Youth (M. Tooley): Standish (J. Roberts): Thornton Cleveleys (C. Andrews): Timperley (G. Hetherington): Trinity Girls (S. Barton): Uppermill (J. Hunter): Wardle and District Anderson Brass (P. Shaw).

A fine turnout of 21 bands in the fourth section should mean a good contest for the experienced ear of Malcolm Brownbill to judge. He should enjoy himself with the music - "Suite in Bb for Brass Band" by Gordon Jacob and so should the players and audience for it's easy and pleasant listening. There is enough in there to test the bands abilities to do the basics well, and we think it will be those that get the foundations right that will prosper.

Besses Boys will be hoping to improve o a recent run at the contest that has seen them come 10th, 13th and 18th in the past three years and they recently came 2nd at Manchester, while Cheshire Constabulary will also be hoping to see an improvement on the past three years when they have come 14th, 13th and 15th last year.

Douglas Town have Gordon Higginbottom at te helm and they to will be hoping to move up the prize list after coming 15th last year and 13th and 14th the previous two years. Earby didn't compete last year, but came 17th in 2000 and 15th in 1999, so they to will be looking for a better result.

Farndon also didn't compete last year after coming 23rd in 2000 and 17th in 1999, but they did come 2nd at Rhyl so hope are high for a better result, whilst Friezeland will hope for a return to 1999 and the 2nd place they secured then, rather than the 17th of 2000 and 9th last year.

Haydock Youth recently came 2nd at Fleetwood, 2nd at the Wilkinson contest and 13th at Preston - all in the Third section, so hopes will be high to improve on 2000's result of 9th and last year of 14th. Hesketh Bank meanwhile will be looking for the final push to the top three after coming 4th last year following their relegation from the third section in 2000 after coming 11th and 13th the year before in the higher section. They also recently came 8th at Preston.

Nelson were runners up last year here and went on to come 9th at the Nationals and win the Fleetwood contest and Preston so they will surely be one of the favourites. 17th and 8th the two years prior to this shows how far they have come. Parr meanwhile came 17th last year after promising much in the previous two years when they came 7th and 9th. They have recently come 8th at the Wilkinson contest and 7th at Preston both in the Third Section.

St. Helens are making their debut at the contest, whilst Pemberton Old Wigan "B" will be confident of repeating last years success that saw then take the title and go on to come 14th at the National Finals, 10th at Pontins, 2nd at Fleetwood and 2nd at the Wilkinson contest. As they came 20th the year before and 13th in 1999, they too have shown great improvement over the past couple of years.

Rivington and Adlington came 10th last year, which was a huge improvement on the 21st of 2000 and 11th of 1999 and they went on to come 15th at Pontins and recently came 3rd at Preston, whilst St. Helens Brass are making their debut too and come to the contest on the back of some very good results at the Wilkinson Contest where they came 4th and Preston where they came 5th.

Shaw Youth are also making their debut at the contest and will be hoping to make a mark, whilst Standish came 12th last year, following their 11th the year before and 18th in 1999. They came 13th at Pontins last year and 4th at the Mineworkers Championships, whilst they recently came 3rd at Fleetwood and 2nd at Preston.

Thornton's Cleveley were 5th last year - a repeat of 2000 and theytoo have done well at recent contests, coming 3rd at Fleetwood in the third section and 5th at Preston in the third section as well. Timperley meanwhile will be hoping to get a igher place than last years 6th, which was a step forward from the 9th of 2000, and they came 8th at Pontins and 4th at Preston in the third section.

Trinity Girls just missed out on a trip to the Finals last year after coming 3rd and they also came 7th in 2000. Recently they have come 2nd at Wychavon and won the Wilkinson contest - One to look out for. Uppermill came 13th last year, which was a great improvement from the 22nd of 2000 and 21st of 1999. They also came 3rd at Pontins last year. Lastly, Wardle and District Anderson Brass didn't compete last year after being relegated from section three in 200 after coming 9th and 12th the year before. They came 18th at Pontins in the third section last year.

2001 Result:

1. Pemberton Old Wigan "B"
2. Nelson Brass
3. Trinity Girls
4. Hesketh Bank
5. Thorntons Cleveleys
6. Timperley

4BR Prediction:

1. Haydock Youth
2. Trinity Girls
3. Thorntons Cleveleys
4. St. Helens Brass
5. Timperley
6. Standish

Dark Horses: St. Helens Brass.

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