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Yorkshire Area Championships

Fourth Section - Post Match Analysis

1. Linthwaite (S. Platten): 179 (5)
2. Emley Brass (J. Bowden): 177 (2)
3. Gawthorpe Brass (G. Hallas): 175 (1)
4. Dinnington Colliery (T. Bannan): 174 (6)
5. Lofthouse 2000 (A. Whitaker): 173 (3)
6. Barnsley Metropolitan (J. Grinnell): 172 (4)
7. Thurcroft Welfare (P. Dickens): 171 (8)
8. Ripponden Carriers (B. Greenwood): 170 (7)

The 8 band Fourth Section was a disappointment for us as we felt that many of the Musical Directors didn't think much of Gordon Jacob's "Suite on Bb Flat" and so spent much of the time ignoring the very basics of good brass band playing, that at this level will always put a band in contention for a prize.

The best of the bunch were Linthwaite under Steve Platten who gave the best overall performance of the music. It had a lightness of touch in places that was commendable and the MD kept the music alive, without ever resorting too often to overblowing to try and create an impression on adjudicator, Barry Thompson. They won without ever really playing their best - which said much for what we were listening to.

Second place went to Emley Brass and Jack Bowden who again never quite played as well as they could have we thought, but still had some touches that showed they had put in the hard work in the bandroom. Their first section was the best of the day, and even though they faded as they went along, they did enough early doors to hold onto their qualifying spot.

Third and fourth places went to Gawthorpe and Dinnington, who both struggled in getting to terms with the music and the sense of lightness it needed, but nonetheless played well enough. If only they could have made a bit more of the dynamic contrasts they may well have challenged the two qualifying bands a bit more.

Fifth and sixth places went to Lofthouse 2000 and Barnsley, both of whom sacrificed their chances on overblowing whilst the last two places went to Thurcroft Welfare and Ripponden who gave brave and enthusiastic accounts of the piece. Next year they will certainly be better for the experience.

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