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Midlands Regional Championships 2002

Fourth Section:

Sunday 3rd March, Belvedere Club
Adjudicator: TBA
Commences: 11.00am

Competing Bands: Bakewell Silver (M. Wilcockson): Banovallum Brass (Horncastle) (E. White): Black Country Brass (A. Manley): Corby Silver (C. Stevens): Dunchurch Silver (G. Smallwood): Enderby Youth Band (S. Osgood): Hathern "B" Band (G. Wood): Kirby Colliery Welfare (S. Berrill): Liecs Coop Snibston, Charnwood (TBA): Long Eaton Silver (S. Stansfield): Newhall Band (M. Phillips): Phoenix West Midlands Brass (M. Williams): Rolls Royce (Derby) (N. Eden): Skegness Silver (S. Walker): Swineshead Silver (D. Stephens): Tideswell (B. Thompson): Wellington (Telford) Brass (S. Curtis): Wem Jubilee (R. Thorne).

18 bands battle it out in the Fourth Section over Gordon Jacob's "Suite in B Flat for Brass Band", who's three movements are a pleasant test for players and comfortable listening for the audience. The Fourth Section bands will still find it a bit of a test though and it will be a good band that can produce the balanced rounded sound and clarity of detail that this deceptively easy music demands.

Bakewell Silver came 9th last year after being relegated the year before form the Third Section and so will be hoping to carry on their push for a place in the prizes, whilst Banovallum Brass didn't compete last year, but came 15th the year before and so they too will be hoping for a good result come Sunday morning.

Black Country Brass will also be looking for an improvement on last years 16th place here, whilst Corby Silver came 6th last year, which was a leap from the 13th place of 2000, so they must be doing something right and Dunchurch Silver have been a consistent performer in the last three years, coming 10th in 1999, 16th in 2000 and 12th last year. They recently came 5th at Wychavon so they will have high hopes of doing well.

Enderby recently came 3rd at Wychavon in the Third Section so they should be one of the favourites to do well here after being relegated from the Third Section after coming 11th last year and 5th the year before, whilst Hathern "B" will be hoping to improve on last years 20th position.

Kirkby Colliery Welfare came 22nd last year, so they too will be out for a leap up the charts, while Leicester Coop Snibston could be one of the favourites following their recent 3rd place at the Mineworkers Championships and 4th at Wychavon. They were also 6th at Pontins. Long Eaton meanwhile have shown consistent improvement year on year since 1999 when they were a lowly 23rd. In 2000 they came 17th and last year they were 13th, so they are certainly heading in the right direction.

Newhall Band are competing in the Fourth Section for the first time after being relegated from the Third Section last year, even though they only came 8th in 2001, 12th in 2000 and 16th in 1999. Phoenix West Midlands Brass are making their debut and recently came 10th at Wychavon, so they should hold their own here.

Rolls Royce (Derby) made a huge leap from their 25th place in 1999 to come 7th in 2000, but fell back to 14th last year, so they too will be hoping for a high placing this time out, whilst Skegness Silver will be going out hell bent to improve on the 24th place of last year. They didn't compete in 2000 and came 22nd in 1999, so lets hope they do well.

Tideswell came 18th last time out and 14th in 1999, but didn't compete in 2000 so they will be looking for a good performance and result, whilst Wellington (Telford) Brass recently came 9th at Wychavon and will be confident of getting a good result here and improve on their 11th place of last year. Wem Jubilee however on very good form indeed after winning both the Fourth and Third Section at Wychavon and after coming 4th here in 2000 and 5th in 2001 they should be the band to beat.

2001 Result:

1. Carlton Brass
2. Shirland Welfare Training
3. West Mercia Constabulary
4. Whitwell Brass
5. Wem Jubilee
6. Corby Silver and Syston (joint)

4BR Prediction:

1. Wem Jubilee
2. Leicester Coop Snibston Charnwood
3. Enderby
4. Newhall
5. Corby Silver
6. Dunchurch

Dark Horse: Bakewell Silver

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