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The Ian Porthouse profile - feat001

Born: 17th November 1967

First Band: Flimby Saxhorn Silver Band

Subsequent bands: Leyland DAF; Desford Colliery; Black Dyke Mills; Tredegar; Yorkshire Building Society;

Current banding status: Principal Cornet Tredegar Town Band, freelance soloist, Musical Director Pennine Brass and Northop Bands

Greatest influences: Musically, my parents and Richard Evans when I really needed it: Financially - Leanne my fiancée: Socially – my own inability to hold down copious amounts of lager.

Best moments: Playing with Philip Smith, Principal Trumpet of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, at Carnegie Hall. Winning the Open and Europeans with YBS; Best Instrumentalist prize British Open 1997 on Whitsun Wakes; Winning the Nationals hat-trick with Desford.

Worse moment: Concert in Holland under James Watson, where he gave me the best introduction I ever had about me as a player. Unfortunately, my valve got stuck as soon as I started to play and I couldn’t produce any type of sound at all. The audience was stunned to hear this supposedly “brilliant” cornet player sounding like a five year old learner player. I’ve never seen James Watson so embarrassed in my life!

Motto: “What do you always put on a sore lip?
…………A mouthpiece!”

Achievements as a player: See above. I’m also chuffed with getting an O level at music (grade A – honest!) and Grade 5 Associated Board Exam (I was bored with the pieces after that)

Achievements as conductor: 1st Section Area winners with Flimby in 1993 (my first conducting job!); Winning Yorkshire Areas Second Section in 2000 with Pennine and coming runners-up at the Albert Hall with the band later in the year.

Who would you like to be stuck on a Fantasy Desert Island with? Jennifer Lopez (but don’t tell Leanne) – She knows now- Editor. Hector Berlioz.

Eastenders or Coronation Street? Never at home to see them! I had a thing about Rita Fairclough when I was 17 though.

Which aspect of your appearance would you change? I’d like to add an inch or two in some places and lose a few in others – apart from that I’m fairly happy.

Top football team? Carlisle United…... seriously! Most difficult test piece? “Masquerade”, “Montage” and anything with a solo in!

Most difficult cornet solo? Ernest Tomlinson Cornet Concerto – seriously rock hard.

The initials of the person you most dislike in the World. I.F. and D.C. After New Years Eve they have a lot to answer for.

Who do people mistakenly think you look like? Years ago when I had a “mullet” hairdo and small ‘tash people thought I looked like Alan Morrison’s little brother.

Ambitions: Just to keep improving.

A little bit of gossip? I’m getting married to Leanne on 4th August so any advice and donations will be welcome!

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