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End of Year 2001 Rankings
We've been busy going through our lists of contests to bring you the end of year Rankings for 2001. No real suprises at the top end of the table, but it does show you where the power in land is situated.

Yorkshire provide 4 of the top 10 bands, with the North West adding a further 3, Wales 2 and Scotland 1.

We've also shown the winners and losers in the points stakes as well, so read on to find out if 2001 has been a vintage or terrible year for your band.

31st December 2001

1st Yorkshire Building Society. Yorks 1,563.13 No change
2nd Black Dyke. Yorkshire 1,286.43 No change
3rd Fodens. North West 1,266.06 No change
4th Buy as you View Cory. Wales 1,066.89 No change
5th Williams Fairey. North West 954.18 No change
6th Brighouse & Rastrick. Yorkshire 851.67 No change
7th Grimethorpe Coll UK Coal. Yorks 746.91 No change
8th Tredegar. Wales 560.30 No change
9th Leyland. North West 467.85 No change
10th Whitburn. Scotland 345.44 No change
11th Ransome. Midlands 313.43 +1
12th CWS (Glasgow). Scotland 309.24 -1
13th Travelsphere Holidays. Midlands 236.61 No change
14th Carlton Main. Yorkshire 195.49 No change
15th Kirkintilloch. Scotland 166.06 +1
16th Flowers. West 157.72 -1
17th Ever Ready. North 138.61 No change
18th Todmorden Old. Yorkshire 128.65 +1
19th Sellers International. Yorkshire 112.09 +6
20th Aveley & Newham. London & SC 111.45 -2
21st Point of Ayr. Wales 109.69 No change
22nd Marple North. West 107.56 -2
23rd Treize Etoiles. Switzerland 89.18 +1
24th Desford Colliery. Midlands 80.61 -2
25th DUT Rothwell Yorkshire Imps. Yorkshire 80.45 -2
26th BTM. Wales 64.47 +12
27th Fishburn. North 57.83 -1
28th BT. North West 55.37 +1
29th Rothwell Temperance. Yorkshire 54.13 -2
30th Eikanger Bjorsvik. Norway 53.82 No change
31st Bodmin Town. West 51.10 -3
32nd Glossop Old. Midlands 45.65 -1
33rd ASDA Stocksbridge. Yorkshire 42.85 No change
34th JAG Mount Charles. West 40.39 +9
35th Wingates. North West 39.97 No change
36th Besses O' Th' Barn. North West 39.89 No change
37th East Yorkshire Motors. North 39.52 -5
38th Newtongrange. Scotland 38.93 +3
39th Freckleton. North West 38.60 -2
40th Camborne Town. West 36.05 -6
41st Cwmanan Institute. Wales 35.45 +6
42nd Northop. Wales 35.20 -2
43rd Thoresby Colliery RJB. Midlands 34.90 +2
44th First City Brass. London & SC 33.38 -5
45th Midden Brabant. Belgium 32.72 -3
46th Unison Kinneil. Scotland 32.48 -2
47th Burry Port Town. Wales 28.78 +1
48th Seindorf Beaumaris. Wales 28.56 -2
49th Bazuin-Oenkerk. Netherlands 27.78 +3
50th NTL Skelmanthorpe.Yorkshire 26.14 No change
51st SWT Woodfalls. West 25.54 -2
52nd Willebroek. Belgium 23.95 +7
53rd Dalmellington. Scotland 22.05 -2
54th Redbridge Brass. London & SC 20.82 +6
55th Rolls Royce Coventry. Midlands 20.60 No change
56th Parc & Dare. Wales 20.15 -2
57th Woolston Brass. New Zealand 19.60 -4
58th Kingdom Brass. Scotland 18.96 -2
59th City of Oxford.London & SC 16.44 -1
60th Johnstone Silver. Scotland 16.05 New entry

The contests we took into account for the rankings included:-

British Open, National Championships, All England Masters, European Championships, Brass in Concert, Grand Shield, 8 Regional Contests, NWCBBA Brass at the Guild, South Somerset Entertainment, Norwegian National, Cornwall BBA, NWBBA Contest, Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, Senior Cup, Ebbw Vale Contest, New Zealand National, Grenland Festival, West of Scotland Championships, Bugle, World Music Contest, Land O Burns, National 1st Section, South Wales Miner's Eisteddfod, Wychavon Festival, European Open, West Wales BBA , Pontins, Whitburn Invitation, Reading Invitation, South West BBA, Siddis, Treorchy Contest, Northern Open, CISWO Finals, Gloucestershire BBA, Swiss National, Belgian National, Dutch National

Major climbers since 4th November include Sellers following Spennymoor, BTM, JAG Mount Charles, Newtongrange, Cwmanan Institute, Bazuin-Oenkerk, Willebroek and Redbridge.

We've also included our end of year performance table to show what bands have had a good year in points terms and those who have lost a bit of ground. This is of course not to say that they have become better or worse bands in musical terms, but it does show the ones who have made a bit of progress and those who have fallen off the pace a bit over the year.

20 Highest Climbing Bands of 2001 in terms of points increase

1st Black Dyke Yorkshire 588.01
2nd Yorkshire Building Society Yorkshire 508.73
3rd Whitburn Scotland 195.47
4th Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Yorkshire 103.47
5th Flowers West 70.12
6th Treize Etoiles Switzerland 62.32
7th Ever Ready North 56.36
8th Kirkintilloch Scotland 43.12
9th Todmorden Old Yorkshire 37.29
10th Carlton Main Yorkshire 31.07
11th Thoresby Colliery RJB Midlands 29.75
12th DUT Rothwell Yorkshire Imps. Yorkshire 29.49
13th Point of Ayr Wales 26.38
14th NTL Skelmanthorpe Yorkshire 26.14
15th Northop Wales 21.81
16th JAG Mount Charles West 20.86
17th Leyland North West 20.27
18th Freckleton North West 18.74
19th Sellers International Yorkshire 18.41
20th Seindorf Beaumaris Wales 16.10

…….and the 20 Biggest Underperfomers

20th Rhodian Brass Midlands -7.07
19th British Steel Teeside North -7.08
18th Aveley & Newham London & SC -7.54
17th BT North West -8.40
16th Woolston Brass New Zealand -10.31
15th Stavanger Norway -13.11
14th Rolls Royce Coventry Midlands -16.26
13th Glossop Old Midlands -20.61
12th Rothwell Temperance Yorkshire -25.77
11th Wingates North West -27.05
10th First City Brass London & SC -35.80
9th Travelsphere Holidays Midlands -41.55
8th Desford Colliery Midlands -43.48
7th Buy as you View Cory Wales -64.45
6th CWS (Glasgow) Scotland -65.91
5th Tredegar Wales -77.57
4th Marple North West -79.88
3rd Williams Fairey North West -113.67
2nd Brighouse & Rastrick Yorkshire -125.24
1st Ransome Midlands -228.05


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