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Pontins championships 2001:
Fourth section review and dodgy predictions

4BarsRest will be there to try and provide coverage of the weekends action. We we will be providing a retrospective look at each performance in the Championship class and our own judgement on each of the performances within 24 hours of the contest.

We will try and get the full results of all the sections to you as soon as possible.

The Adjudication Panel consists of:
Derek Broadbent, John Maines, David Read, Stanley Lippeatt, Major Peter Parkes and Goff Richards.

The Competing Bands:

All Sections are subject to a pre–draw (details not available at the present time).

Fourth Section:
Test Piece: Sirius (F. Wright)

Saturday 27th October. Start 9.00am

Abertillery and District:
Carlton Brass:
Conway Town:
Hayle Brass:
Leicester Co-op Snibston Charnwood Brass:
Llandudno Town:
Maltby Miners Welfare:
Pemberton Old Wigan “B”:
Ripponden Carriers:
Rivington and Adlington:
Sherton Silver:
Wellington (Telford) Brass:
Whitwell Brass:

Fourth Section review:

And now to the real hard part.   17 bands in the Fourth Section will have a good old-fashioned test in “Sirius” by Frank Wright, and that should really test the basics of good band playing out to the full.

Just three of the bands that were in Preston are on display in Prestatyn, and of those only Carlton Brass who came 6th performed well there.   This should put them up there if they are on form, but the Fourth Section is notorious for upsetting the form book. (We should know, judging by our pathetic efforts in predicting the National Finals).

Malty Miners Welfare who came 11th and Pemberton Old Wigan B who came 14th are the other Preston finalists chancing their arm, but others will surely fancy their chances.

Seven others are back from last year with the bands that came 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th all trying again.   Of these Rivington and Adlington were the runners up, whilst Syston came 3rd.   Standish who were 4th and Blackley who came 6th will be hoping for a little more luck, whilst Conway who were 8th and Leicester Co-op Snibston who were 11th will be trying for better things.

Of the rest, Abertillery came 4th at the Welsh regional contest, whilst Hayle Brass came 9th and Shrewton Silver 7th in the South West region.   In Yorkshire, Ripponden Carriers came 7th, and Uppermill came home 13th in the North West, whilst Wellington (Telford) Brass were 11th in the Midlands.   I’m afraid we have no news on Whitwell Brass.

4BR Prediction:

We are bound to get this wrong – so apologises right at the start for outing the kiss of death on our choices.   We hope you don’t let us down.

Pemberton Old Wigan “B”
Maltby Miners Wefare
Carlton Brass
Riverton and Adlington

Dark Horses:  Standish

That’s it for us.   Hope everyone has a great weekend.

© 4BarsRest

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