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National Finals 2001: Live coverage...

Royal Albert Hall, London
Saturday, October 20, 2001

Competition commences @ 10.00am

Championship Section
Test piece: Albion, Jan van der Roost

David Read, Dr Roy Newsome & Jan Van der Roost,

Your options...

The results:

National results:

1. Black Dyke; 198
2. Fodens; 197
3. Yorkshire Building Society; 196
4. Williams Fairey; 195
5. Buy As You View Cory; 194
6. Leyland; 193
7. Tredegar; 192
8. Whitburn; 191
9. Flowers; 190
10. CWS Glasgow; 189
11. Brighouse and Rastrick; 187
12. Aveley and Newham; 185
13. Ransome; 184
14. EYMS; 182
15. Point of Ayr; 181
16. Travelsphere Holidays; 179
17. Thoresby RJB; 178
18. Fishburn; 177
19. Camborne; 176
20. Kidlington; 174

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Own thoughts on each performance:

Bands drawn 1-4:

1. Aveley & Newham, Nigel Taken

Odd one this... Hope the adjudicators know what to listen for.

Opening fanfares well managed. Perc a little heavy maybe. 43 Starts well but gets scrappy but most semis are clear.

Marziale. Good trom work and style seems good.

Larghetto. Solo cornet a little unsafe. Sop starts well but gets a little clippy. Horn and euph good. Flug has nice sound and plays musically.

Allegro. good technique and 344 to end. Good semi work to start and moves to a decent close

2. Williams Fairey, Howard Snell

Opening has atmosphere though first group sound a little nervy. Good detail throughout and all groups are clear. Big bass sounds to 43 then band ensemble good. 65 quality playing and all seems there. Marziale has good style and detail is clear.

Largheto. Solo cornet has style. horn ans sop continue in same vein but the odd splash is evident. Musically well presented with euph and flug in fine form.

Allegro. Some powerful sounds and all well handled. 344 very stylish with some lovely sounds which build to good climax. This was a good show and sets the standard.

3. Travelsphere Holidays, Frank Renton

Fanfares good. Formations are different but this adds to atmosphere. 43. Good playing throughout leading to high tempo at 125 so clarity suffers. Marziale not always together but some big sounds are evident.

Larghetto. Solo cornet has so much style but bad intonation between horn and sop spoils. Euph lovely sound. Flug unsure to start but recovers well.

Allegro Marziale onwards moves well but not always 'bob on'. Some nice sounds though but it really didn't climax as we would like.

4. Brighouse & Rastrick, Alan Withinton

Unsure opening. Can't here drum. Improves with nice sounds from lower end. 43. Loud stuff here and impressive. 65 shows lots of clarity - bullets!! Lots of effects throguhout but not without the odd clip. Marziale. Exellent style to start. Great stuff here.

Larghetto. Solo cornet plays it but it does nothing for us. Similarly for for sop and horn. A little too up tempo for expression. Very straight. flug nice though.

Allegro Marziale. Techically excellent with lots of clarity. Exiting stuff to end. Big and bold but not always brilliant.

Bands drawn 5-8:

Cup of tea anyone? The hall empties...

5. Fishburn, Ian Robinson

Fanfares start well though splahes are evident in centre group. Some loud bass sounds to 43. 43 onwards not all detail is clear and it lacks mometum. Too many splits for us.

Larghetto. Solo cornet struggles as do horn and sop. Nice euph and ensemble but flug unsure. Improves with nice sounds. Maestoso is big and semis are well executed. 345 not without splashes and the band sounds tired throughout finale.

People still enjoying their cups of tea.... a band that comes a dserved 6th in Open deserves better!!!

6. Whitburn, Philip McCann

Nice drum to open. 2 cornts noticable to open? Some nice effects and sounds but detail not 100 percent from 65. Continues similarly. Marziale flows well we think.

Larghetto. Solo cornet starts confidently but then it goes a little wonky. Sop and horn not without clips. Euph gives time and space. Flug well done!

Allegro Marziale. 6s handled well with some nice effects around the stand. 345 not together. Builds a little pedantically and band sounds are not so big now. A shame.

Those muffins look tasty dear, another cup?

7. Thoresby RJB, Stan Lippeatt

Opening from drum and first cornet choir excellent but secong choir spoil. Fanfares not heard at all now. 65 scrappy, all goes in but not always clear. Tempo wanders and detail is absent. 154 is very messy.

Marziale. More style please. Good cornet work and troms have their moments.

Larghetto. Cornet does well but vibes too loud for us. Intonation problems from sop and horn and is scrappy. Euph does ok as does flug. Big bass sound! Their best playing for us.

Allegro Marziale. 297 basses? Flows niely with some good effects. Momentum lost though so lacks excitement. 346 onwards does not sound comfortable but improves. Still some big sounds at end but not impressive.

8. Leyland, Gary Cutt

Nice drum and first choir play with style. This continues throughout. Fanfares are all heard and big sounds from lower end. Perc play sensibly - thank you. A Fine opening. 65 fine sounds. Good detail and approach. All big and well executed only the odd blip. 177 did I miss something? Marziale. Big throughout.

Larghetto. Well done solo cornet. Sop and horn play confidently. Flug links beautifully for euph. Fab flug!!! Things go nicely throughout.

Allegro Marziale. Tempo allows clarity to come through. It's all big and good. Not brill for us at 330. Builds nicely now to a super end. Well played... and directed.

Bands drawn 9-12:

9. Kidlington, Catherine Underwood,

Snare to start not field drum? Fanfares not always clear and notes mispitched. Perc good at 43 and all goes well to 65. Untidy before 95 and bass theme weak at 129 but moves well to 160. Marziale well prepared and style is good to Larghetto.

Larghetto. Solo cornet has hiccups and horn and sop numerous splahes. Euph musical and flug plays well but a little loud. Emsemble not together at 266.

Allegro Marziale. Bass trom is clearly up for it. The band sounds tired in the closing stages but this was a creditable performance. Well done band and conductor.

10. EYMS, Gareth Pritchard

Untidy opening from cornets. Perc a bit heavy at times and drown others somewhat. 43 to 65 good emsemble work. 65 is at good tempo which allows all parts to be delivered however the playing is scrappy at times. Lead up to marziale not well executed.

Larghetto. Solo cornet edgy as are sop and horn. Euph does well and nice flug. Not together at 280.

Allegro Marziale. The band struggles now and tired lips are evident. The technial challenges are clearly not met.

Comfort break for adjudicators...

Our thoughts so far..

Leyland, Faireys and Brighouse stand out for us so far...

11. Flowers, Philip Harper

Fanfares are clear and well delivered. Sensible dynamics from perc and lower band sounds good. All goes well to 65 which is exciting but perc dominate. Plenty of energy throughout but possibly overcooked at times. Scrappy at 125 and 155. Marziale starts poorly but recovers

Larghetto. Blop from solo cornet to start but is musicaal in approach. Horn and sop not without clips, euph a little stright but flug does ok. Style a little rigid and the music doesn't always flow.

Allegro Marziale. Perc over the top for us! Some big sounds and quality work from troms. Will there be anything left for the climax? Only just.... We think they'll be happy with this one.

and now the hall fills considerably....

12. Black Dyke, Nicholas Childs

Fanfares are precise and clear assisted with top quality lower end sounds. Good ensemble to 65. The tempo is good and all is heard. A bit frantic around 155 but does not detract. Marziale well measured.

Larghetto. Super solo cornet and ensemble supports well. Horn and sop are given time and space but not without the odd glitch. Super euph and flug. Full of real music.

Allegro Marziale. Approach to 309 top notch, brilliant throughout. A super performance.

Bands drawn 13-16:

13. Buy As You View Cory, Robert Childs

Fanfares not entirely clear but the lower band sounds are good. Perc overdone at 43 for us and onwards to 65. Tempo is good and the music has energy and excitement. Perc overcooks again? Marziale great throughout.

Larghetto. Classy solo cornet. Sop and horn have a few dodgy momets but the music has a nice flow. Euph - some fine playing and excellent flugal with emsemble enhancing nicely.

Allegro Marziale. Great work from troms and super sounds throughout. An exciting close to another quality performance. Will they retain their title?

14. Tredegar, Steve Bastable

Fanfares are well delivered with only the odd uncertainty. Lower band sounds are good. 65 has good energy and excitement and all goes well to 125 which gets a little messy with trom splits. A good lead to marziale which is top quality to larghetto.

Larghetto. Claasy solo cornet. Horn and sop musical with the odd clip in horn line. Euph is big and musical. Flugal excellent. A very musical movement.

Allegro Marziale. Things are impressive and the music has shape and poise. This continues to the finale which is big and exciting. A quality show that should be well up there.

15. CWS Glasgow, James Gourlay

Fanfares clear and precise. sensible dynamics from perc. Bass end sounds are rich. 65. The music has great drive and the technical parts are well delivered. Troms struggle at 143 and things get scrappy around 157. Marziale is well measured.

Larghetto. solo cornet shows her class. Horn and sop are uncertain and a little loud. Euph well played. Flug gives a good end to a solid movement.

Allegro Marziale. Great bass sounds and excellent with controlled dynamics through to a impressive close.

16. The Ransome Band, Russell Gray

Scrappy opening. Nice lower end band sounds. 65 is well controlled and this moves nicely to 125. some fine playing around here. Only the odd scrappy moment. Marziale is good. Perc not always together and ethusiatic...

Larghetto. Solo cornet clips a few. Horn and sop improve as it goes on. Euph does well as does flug.

allegro Marziale. Are they tiring? The sound has gone. It's both neat ad scrappy! Did cornet play at 345? rolls on to finale. It died a little for us at the end.

Bands drawn 17-20:

17. Point of Ayr, Mike Fowles

Fanfares a little muddled with up tempo approach. Lower end stuff effective. 43 to 65 is well controlled with nice ensemble sounds. 65 lack drive and energy and it gets a little untidy after 141 and does nor recover soon enough. Marziale goes well to larghetto.

Larghetto. Nice solo cornet. Sop and horn strugle but euph is excellent. Well done flug into 266. Some effective playing spoilt by the odd mispitch.

Allegro Marziale. Impressive trom work around 330. 348 to finish reasonably well done but lack a big sound.

18. Yorkshire Building Society, David King

1st fanfare not 100 percent but rest spot on. Great lower end sounds. 43 to 65 is well controlled and dynamically excellent. 65 has good energy and drive with nothing overdone. All the detail is heard. Lead to 157 is excelent. Marziale to larghetto is very well executed.

Larghetto. Solo cornet has nice touches. Sop and horn not without the odd blemish. Euph has great sound and flugel shapes with style.

Allegro Marziale. Great direction with terrific playing all round. Lead in to 326 is perfect. The end is full of excitement and class. Fine show...

19. Camborne, Brian Grant

A scrappy opening, but recovers. 43 is controlled with effective perc. 65 builds nicely with some neat playing. Not always 'bob on' but good playing is evident. Bass trom enjoys himself. Good attempt to 157 but then gets scrappy. Marziale well controlled to start but seems a little sluggish.

Larghetto. Solo cornet tentative. Sop line not all there but good horn. Euph plays well apart from 1st trill. Flug gets through.

Allegro Marziale. Clarity not always present. Bloody hell bass drum! Some tired lips now. A good build to the finale. It all closes well.

20. Fodens, Bramwell Tovey

Excellent fafares leading to good effects and big bass sound. 43 to 65 well executed. 65 has clarity and is well controlled. It cotinues in much the same vein to marziale. Good stuff cornets to 157. All exciting stuff. Marziale has so much style. Cornets again impress.... Big sounds basses!

Larghetto. Solo conet not without slips but is confident. Sop and horn too clip a couple. Euph does his bit well and flug is musical. Unsure Bb bass.

Allegro Marziale. Exciting stuff played very well. It's big and bold stuff. Excellent 6s and troms enhance. Lovely build from 348 to end. This is all good stuff even if there is the odd clip. A fine fine show. Well done.

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