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Personality profile of David Thornton

David Thornton

21 January 1978

First Band:
2nd euph at Marple (sacked after two weeks!)

Subsequent bands:
Tredeger, Wingates, Fairey's

Current banding status:
Black Dyke (solo euph)

Adjudicators Greatest influences:
Michael Brewer (ex-director of music at Chetham's school and Steven Mead (teacher for last 8 years)

Best moment:
Open win in '98 with Fairies and visiting New Zealand to play at their Nationals this year

Worse moment:
Getting sacked from Marple at fourteen years old. I was ready to give up.

Always stay one step ahead

Achievements as a player:
Some of my achievements have been through luck - right place, right circumstances, right time. Everything else has been hard work.

Who or what would you like to be stuck on a Fantasy Desert Island with?
Any attractive female - they're bound to get desperate in the end!

Eastenders or Coronation Street?
Coronation Street

Top football team?
Nottingham Forest

Most difficult test piece?

Most difficult solo?
Euph concerto by Jukka Linkola (Finnish composer)

The initials of the person you most dislike in the World.
Couldn't say because they and a lot of other people would know instantly

Who do people mistakenly think you look like?
Tattoo - short bloke from Fantasy Island

Nicknames? t
T attoo, Gargoyle, Nae-tone (courtesy of Morvern Gilchrist)

Anything about yourself you would want to change?
I'd be taller

Ambitions and advice to young players
Always aim high, know when to keep your mouth shut, keep confidence to yourself, success is the reward for hard work.

A little bit of gossip?
Ask anyone - You never catch me gossiping about anything!

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david thornton

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