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The King of Europe.

David King talks exclusively to 4BarsRest about winning the European title for the 5th time with YBS.

David King spoke exclusively to 4BarsRest from Bergen where he described his feelings about the success of the band in claiming a historic fifth win in six years at the contest.

Since first claiming the title in 1996, he has remained virtually unbeatable at the European Contest and his personal tally now stands at seven titles (5 with YBS and 2 with Black Dyke) How does he do it and whats the secret of his success?

We asked him first what it meant for him and the band. “ YBS have waited a very long time to be able to complete the hat trick at the European. Everyone connected to the organisation has worked so hard to achieve our goal and even though perhaps it has taken us twice as long as it should have, the taste of success is even sweeter – and we want to keep doing it again and again in the future.”

Asked of the importance of the contest David King was unequivocal. “It’s a great contest to compete in and a greater contest to win – not just once but especially five times in six years. We’ve had to take on and beat the very best bands not just in the UK such as Grimethorpe, Black Dyke, Foden’s, Glasgow, Cory etc in the past few years but also the brilliant bands of Europe such as Eikanger and Trieze Etoiles this year - that’s the measure of the achievement.”

And what has been the secret of the success at this Championship? “You have to employ a very carefully crafted strategy to encompass both aspects of the contest – it’s got to be the right mix between both pieces of music, the right own choice piece to suit the strengths of the band and to ensure that you are always giving the utmost quality performances – only then can you compete with confidence”

And so - Does winning this contest now for the fifth time with YBS mean the same as much as the first? “Every win is special. I’m so pleased for those players who have been with the band and me for the past seven years, but equally pleased for those who have come in during the past year when we have had so many changes. The support of the players and especially our sponsors has been immense.”

And the immediate future? “The band is having a bit of a well deserved break and then it’s down to work for the Masters.” A hat trick again we ask? “I don’t think of it in those terms. It’s another contest we must go all out for to win and that is always foremost in our minds. If we get the hat trick into the bargain that’s a very special extra.”

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