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Personality profile of Jim Davies

James Thomas Davies

20th February 1950, Llwynypia Hospital Rhondda

First Band:

Subsequent bands:
Mid Rhondda, Cory, Faireys, Cory, Point of Ayr, Yorkshire Imps, Brighouse.

Current banding status:
Freelance Adjudicator and Conductor - recently accepted on the National Registry of Brass Band

Adjudicators Greatest influences:
Derek Garside, Elgar Howarth and of course Major Kenney and too many others to mention.

Best moment:
Touring America and Russia as a soloist.

Worse moment:
At the National Finals in 1982. Cory had been given new instruments by our sponsors Vincent Bach. The Night before the contest I hadn't closed the case correctly, picked it up and the instrument flew through the air in slow motion before hitting the floor. There didn't appear to be a scratch but when I tried it out none of the valves worked. I spent all that night lapping the valves and luckily it worked ok the next day especially as the sponsors were watching.

Sh*t or bust!

Achievements as a player:
30 years as a principle cornet, 5 National wins, Granada band of the year soloist twice and a career filled with solo work.

Achievements as conductor:
Have won many contests with several bands in Britain and Switzerland.

Who or what would you like to be stuck on a Fantasy Desert Island with?
My family and a good bar.

Eastenders or Coronation Street?
Definitely 'Corrie'

Which aspect of your appearance would you change?
Get back to my original weight

Top football team?
Manchester United

Most difficult test piece?
I'd have to think about that for at least a week - they are all hard especially in the quieter movements.

Favorite Test Piece?
Harmony Music

The initials of the person you most dislike in the World.
There is nobody that I dislike.

Who do people mistakenly think you look like?
Some Yankee film star called John!

Work with a top band as a conductor and achieve as much as I have playing.

A little bit of gossip?
Living in West Wales there's not a lot of gossip - the nearest band is at least an hour away - Oh I nearly forgot, they say that Iwan Fox is a brilliant Sop player but I have yet to find that out!

Strangest situation you have found yourself in:
In a concert in Northern Italy I got up and played 'Il Silenzio'. When I finished no one clapped and when I looked around there were a few people crying. I found out later that it was the Italian version of the last post.

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