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Players with a big future: a look at key soloists performing at this year's Yorkshire regional championships - ref art005

Our brass band movement is blessed with some amazing up and coming talent. Most get snapped up by the top bands at an early age and they all seem to live up to early promice. Here is a guide to some of the young talent around in bands today.


Richard Marshall Grimethorpe RJB Band
Richard is a hot talent with chops that take him to any part of the registar he wishes. His solo playing is a true delight to his growing army of fans.

Stuart Lingard Yorkshire Building Society Band.
When YBS were looking for a new star to lead the band, David King was looking for a certain sound. He has found that sound with Side Winder and after a bit of time spent with David I am sure this boy will rank alongside the best.

Greame McCulloch Brighouse and Rastrick
Greame is a stunning talent. He plays Napoli in the same manner as the great man James Shepherd. Over the last few years Greame has started to lead B&R with great quality.


Iwan Williams Yorkshire Building Society
Iwan is the finest thing on a flugel to come out af Wales. A shy lad but one who stamps class on everything he plays.


Sheona White Yorkshire Building Society
Sheona seems to have been around a long time but she is still in the young catagory. She is to go "solo" after the Area which will give fans a chance to hear more of her wonderfull talent.


David Thornton Black Dyke Band
David has now joined Nick Childs at Dyke which can only be good for him. He played out of his skin at the Open last year and I expect more superlative repeats this year.

Morgan Griffiths Yorkshire Building Society
I was lucky enough to hear Morgan's audition at Black Dyke. In one rendition of his solo he captivated the band so much that we wanted him signed on there and then. He needed to do the area with Hammonds before he could join.....some wag suggested Hammonds could have Bob Childs in exchange and a tenner for the trouble if Morgan could join before the Area! Morgan knows how to have a moan but leads the bottom of the band by example. This guy is total class and he is still a spring chicken.

Stephen Hayes Rothwell Temperance
Stephen is the little lad who sits on the top bone seat at Rothwell "Bousfield" style. Great young player with a great young band under David Roberts

Darran West Yorkshire Building Society
Darran was my side kick for a few years at YBS, not only is he good at counting bars rest but he has one hell or a technique, tone and power in abundence and he loads a mean band bus.

Joe Cook Black Dyke
Joe is a prize winning tuba player, he comes accross as a shy lad but has a big future ahead if he can keep up his current progress.

There you go a quick guide to young talent on show at this year's Yorkshire Area. I think we are blessed to have such young talent to go alongside us good old uns.

Simon Gresswell

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